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In Brazil, Broadcast TV Makes Up Large Portion of Total Media Ad Spending

Growth and share across industries is slight and balanced

May 3, 2016 | Ad Spending

Broadcast TV in Brazil made up more than half of total media ad spending in 2015, according to research from Kantar IBOPE Media. Ad spending on other channels like newspapers, radio and digital search was significantly less.

Total Media Ad Spending in Brazil, by Media, 2015 (billions of Brazilian reals and % of total)

While newspaper ad spending does make up 13% of total ad spending—and it's certainly worth noting that, while ad spending in newspapers is generally low, 13% is actually a decent figure—and pay TV holds 11%, ad spending is obviously dominated by broadcast TV. All other channels make up less than 10% of market shares.

eMarketer estimates that TV ad spending made up 54.3% in 2015, but predicts that the TV share will slightly decrease year over year, reaching just under half of all spending by 2020.

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