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Brands Worldwide Embrace Instagram

Most fashion, beauty and retail brands have adopted Instagram

May 9, 2016

Instagram adoption, among brands examined by L2 Think Tank, is nearly ubiquitous across industries. Snapchat, on the other hand, is a different story. Brands are more hesitant to adopt the social messaging app.

Snapchat* vs. Instagram Adoption Among Brands Worldwide, by Industry, Q4 2015 (% of total examined by L2 Think Tank)

During Q4 2015, L2 Think Tank analyzed more than 1 million social posts and nearly 2 billion interactions from 879 brands worldwide. Snapchat analysis was conducted during Q1 2016.

When it comes to Instagram adoption, almost every industry sector, with the exception of beverages and consumer electronics, is almost full penetrated. For example, 100% of auto brands examined by L2 Think Tank have adopted Instagram, and other industries such as fashion, beauty, watches and jewelry and travel, are almost fully saturated.

It’s not surprising that most brands have adopted Instagram. According to eMarketer estimates, marketers are rapidly embracing Instagram, signaling that they are intent on diversifying their social media marketing beyond the more established platforms.

When it comes to Snapchat, however, brands are more hesitant to adopt. Only a quarter of auto brands examined by L2 Think Tank have adopted Snapchat, and even less brands in the travel industry, 13%, have adopted the social messaging app.

Average Weekly Number of Posts on Instagram vs. Snapchat Among Brands Worldwide, by Industry, Q4 2015 (among brands tracked by L2 Think Tank)

But, adoption wasn’t low across every industry sector. Nearly three-quarters of active wear brands examined by L2 Think Tank have adopted Snapchat. And, more than half of fashion brands examined have adopted it as well.

And, when it comes to post frequency, Snapchat significantly outpaces Instagram across categories, L2 Think Tank revealed. Consumer electronics brands worldwide post an average of 39 posts on Snapchat a week. To compare, they only post six Instagram posts weekly. Overall, across the different industries tracked, there are more posts a week on Snapchat than there are on Instagram. The only exception is retail.

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