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Brands Want More Continuity and Speed from Marketing Solutions

July 6, 2016 | Marketing

Vebeka Guess
Product Marketing Manager, Adobe Experience Manager

When it comes to marketing technology, there is no one vendor that can do it all. No matter how comprehensive a suite of solutions may be, there are always elements that can be added or improved, and brands judge tools on their flexibility and integration capabilities. Vebeka Guess, product marketing manager of Adobe’s Experience Manager, spoke with eMarketer’s Maria Minsker about what the vendor’s clients expect from marketing technology and how the space is evolving to meet those growing expectations.

eMarketer: How are your customers’ technology needs evolving?

Vebeka Guess: More than ever, marketers need a digital foundation. Having a consistent voice across channels is key, and marketers are looking for that control. The second pattern we see is a call for greater content velocity that enables brands to bring personalized experiences to consumers faster. Lastly, clients ask for connected experiences. This includes deep-linking technology designed specifically around mobile, where a consumer might watch half of a TV show on a phone but finish it on a TV, and have that experience be [continuous] regardless of the device.

eMarketer: You mentioned content velocity. How can brands balance the need for original content with having enough time and resources to create it?

Guess: There are foundational things that brands will want to create original content for, but we are seeing that consumers respond to user-generated content as well. Adding that to the mix can not only validate what the brand is doing, but also bring authenticity to the brand.

“Once consumer expectations increase, they’re going to expect [connected experiences]. That’s when there will be a tipping point.”

eMarketer: How can marketers make the transition between digital and physical experiences seamless, and will there ever be a time when the two are well aligned?

Guess: There is no way a store could carry enough inventory for everything that a shopper could possibly need or want, so brands [must] augment that in-store shopping experience with digital elements. But it’s not just about shopping.

Think about travel. When consumers get to their destination, maybe they can connect their mobile device to a local billboard or screen and get a map, a restaurant recommendation or a coupon. Once consumer expectations increase, they’re going to expect [connected experiences]. That’s when there will be a tipping point.

eMarketer: Are marketers’ skill sets having to evolve now that the space is so technology- and data-driven?

Guess: It’s a very exciting time, because the fundamentals haven’t changed, but the pace has changed. Ten or 20 years ago, it might have taken weeks or months to get data back on a campaign, but now marketers can get it in seconds or minutes. That’s where technology helps. It’s the responsibility of Adobe and other technology companies to make software that helps marketers keep up with that pace and enable them to be the storytellers for their brand.

eMarketer: In what other ways is the modern marketing tech stack changing?

Guess: There’s a lot of investment in common user interfaces and platforms that make it easier to adopt different tools including data and analytics, experience generation and delivery, experience monetization, targeting, retargeting and loyalty campaigns.

But it’s not just about a software stack—it’s about the whole environment around it. Even though [vendors] aim to provide the foundation, we can never possibly provide every single technology that marketers are going to need. That’s why we invest in open marketplaces and exchanges.

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