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Brand Promotions Are Most Popular Facebook Ads

A fair number spend more than 5% of budget on paid social media

October 4, 2013

Unsurprisingly, the greatest percentage of social campaigns land on Facebook, but that doesn’t mean other sites are getting left behind.

In a July 2013 survey from media software company STRATA, nine out of 10 US agency execs reported being likely to use the social giant for clients’ social campaigns. YouTube and Twitter came in next, at 55% and 53%, respectively. An additional 35% said they were likely to use LinkedIn for social campaigns, and 25% each cited Google+ and Pinterest.

Social Networks Most Likely to Be Used for Client Campaigns According to US Agency Executives, July 2013 (% of respondents)

While brands have a choice between using free social products and paid placements on the networks, more than twice as many respondents (25%) saw paid social media as offering greater return on investment (ROI) than free social media (11%). Still, it’s important to bear in mind, 19% said they saw no ROI from social media.

Brand promotions led as the most common type of ad placed on Facebook, used by 62% of respondents, twenty percentage points ahead of company announcements, which came in second. Just over one-third of respondents said they used social ads announcing services, and nearly as many said they ran social ads on products.

In total, paid ads still aren’t overtaking ad budgets, but they are beginning to make a dent in the total. While 58% said social media accounted for 5% or less or clients’ ad budgets, another 42% spent between 6% and 25% of ad budgets on social. No respondents spent more than one-quarter of ad budgets on paid social posts.

Percentage of Clients' Ad Budgets Allocated to Paid Social Media According to US Agency Executives, July 2013 (% of respondents)

There is no question social media ad spending’s share of marketer budgets will continue inching up over the next few years. eMarketer estimates US social network ad spending will reach $4.18 billion this year, and rise to $6.45 billion by 2015.

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