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Big Companies Reap Benefits, Challenges of Data

More people, more problems?

August 27, 2015

Bigger companies may have more capabilities than their small- and midsized counterparts, but those capabilities may just reveal how many challenges they truly face. According to research conducted by Forrester Consulting for PubMatic, media analytics professionals report far more challenges at larger companies.

Challenges* of Their Current Analytics Reporting Tools According to US/UK Media Analytics Professionals, by Company Size, May 2015 (% of respondents)

The May 2015 survey split UK and US media analystics professionals up depending on whether they worked for at companies with more than 500 or fewer than 500 employees. Respondents from large firms were more likely to report a variety of benefits from receiving data in real time, including increased revenues, better performance, better ability to make optimization decisions and better inventory management.

But that didn't mean they were happy. For example, while 36% of respondents at small firms were "very satisfied" with their real-time reporting capabilities, just 24% of respondents at larger companies agreed.

And media analytics professionals at large companies were also more likely to report they were facing challenges with their current reporting tools. Every potential problem, from dealing with a large amount of data and disparate data platforms, to a lack of skilled professionals and data latency, was bigger among respondents at large companies.

Larger companies are simply relying on more tools—and more complicated tools—than their smaller cousins. And they have more data to process as well. With more people trying to do more with more data and more tools, complications multiply, leaving clear room for improvement in the marketing tools and technologies that media analytics professionals need.

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