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Badoo Becomes No. 3 Social Network in Brazil

Facebook continues to lead social network usage in Brazil

December 6, 2013

Brazil’s large population and growing internet space has helped create one of the world’s largest social media markets. By eMarketer estimates, Brazil still trails China, the US and India in number of social network users. But with 79 million people—or 78.3% of its internet users—on social networks, Brazil will be home to over a third of Latin America’s social network users in 2013.

Top 10 Social Networks in Brazil, Ranked by Market Share of Visits, Oct 2013 (% of total)

According to October 2013 data from Experian Marketing Services, 73.5% of all social network site visits in Brazil that month were to Facebook. Experian Marketing Services categorizes YouTube as a social network, and ranked it as a late second with a 16.34% share of visits to social sites in the country. The most significant change, however, came with Badoo’s ascension to third-most-visited social network site in Brazil, pushing both of Google’s social networks, Google+ and the declining-but-popular orkut, even further from the top.

Still, Facebook dominates the social media landscape in Brazil by a large margin. By eMarketer estimates, this dominance comes in the form of 61.5 million people accessing the social site at least once a month in 2013. This represents 41.4% growth over 2012 numbers, a substantial hike considering that last year 70.3% of the country’s social network users, and just under half of its internet users, were already active on Facebook.

Facebook Users in Latin America, by Country, 2012-2017 (millions and CAGR)

By 2014, eMarketer expects that 92.2% of Brazil’s social network users, and about two-thirds of internet users, will frequent Facebook on a monthly basis.


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