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B2B Perspective: Workers Bring Their Consumer Expectations—and Mobile Devices—into the Workplace

March 28, 2014 | B2B | Mobile

Andrew Sinkov
Vice President of Marketing

Note-taking app Evernote has seen a major shift in users accessing its service via mobile devices. Andrew Sinkov, vice president of marketing at Evernote, recently spoke with eMarketer’s Rimma Kats about the evolving role of mobile in the business-to-business (B2B) space and what marketers must do to stand out.

eMarketer: How are your clients using mobile technology today?

Andrew Sinkov: People have accepted smartphones and tablets, and they’re taking those with them everywhere. Our audience has grown tremendously. A technology product used to speak to just a small niche group of people who were either at work trying to solve a very specific problem or were this very tech-savvy elite. It’s not that way anymore. Now we’re speaking to everybody, and that’s a fundamental change that’s happened.

eMarketer: How is mobile affecting each area of the buying journey?

Sinkov: We’re a freemium service; all of our initial users start free, and a majority of them start on mobile. People come to us for everything, from solving a business problem to researching a paperless tool to planning a dinner. There’s this constant flow of telling a product story through these different lenses. It’s just always shifting.

eMarketer: Does mobile usage differ between smartphone and tablet devices?

Sinkov: There has been a very popular term over the past few years, which is “bring your own device.” People are bringing the things that they like to use, including their iPhones and Androids, into the workplace.

It used to be that you couldn’t use your own phone because of email security restrictions. A lot of those problems have been resolved over the past few years, and we see a very broad use of technology in the workplace that very much mirrors the kind of use that an application like ours requires. We’re seeing people using it for work purposes across these different devices over the course of their day.

“We’re a freemium service; all of our initial users start free, and a majority of them start on mobile.”

eMarketer: Do you believe that the lines between a business user and consumer are blurring, especially when it comes to mobile?

Sinkov: That’s absolutely the case—user expectations have shifted dramatically. Mobile has driven this belief that technologies that you use all the time [should perform well whether they are being used in a B2B or consumer context]. There’s a cross section of companies that are looking to understand that and leading the charge on it.

eMarketer: How can marketers address these blurred lines?

Sinkov: The place to start is with the products. My personal view on marketing and its role is to not sugarcoat something that isn’t as great as can be. The first step is to make sure that mobile products are at a level at which people want to use them in the workplace.

eMarketer: What role will mobile play in the B2B space in 2014?

Sinkov: It almost feels silly to say, because we all use phones and we use them so actively, but there will only be more use of mobile. We saw this pretty recently with Salesforce.com’s big announcement at their Dreamforce conference where they launched their big mobile platform, Salesforce1.


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