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B2B Marketers Down Under Embrace Digital Marketing Tactics

Social media and marketing automation are key areas for investment

April 13, 2016

B2B marketers in Australia are getting increasingly sophisticated in their approach to digital marketing, turning to tactics like marketing automation and social media to help generate leads. According to research from B2B agency Green Hat, the Association for Data-Driven Marketing & Advertising (ADMA) and B2B Marketing, which surveyed more than 440 respondents in December 2015 and February 2016, more B2B marketers will be shifting their budgets towards tactics like digital marketing, content development and marketing automation.

In fact, B2B marketers planned to allocate a total of 57% of their 2016 budgets towards these three digital marketing tactics alone.

One area where the increased budgets for digital marketing will be visible is in more active participation on social media. When asked about their organization’s involvement in social media, 64% mentioned they were a creator or publisher of online blogs and content, the most popular answer by a wide margin. In fact, only 9% of respondents said their organization was inactive. According to the survey, LinkedIn is by far the most popular social platform for Australian B2B marketers, with 86% of respondents mentioning their organization’s use of the site.

Marketing automation, which refers to the use of software and web-based services to track, nurture, manage and score leads, is another marketing technology tool with still-small levels of investment but a growing perception of effectiveness. Some 61% of respondents suggested the technology improved lead generation and lead nurturing, while 59% reported that it helped improve marketing productivity.

Despite the rosy outlook for new social media and marketing automation tactics painted by the study, other reviews of marketing technology efforts in Australia have not been nearly as optimistic. Another recent survey of IT professionals in Australia and New Zealand suggests tight budgets and lack of platform integration still hold back the efforts of many firms in the two countries.

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