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B2B Firms Have Several Marketing Tech Systems to Integrate

Marketers have the most competence with ad networks

October 5, 2016

Marketing technology use is widespread in the business-to-business (B2B) world, with majorities of B2B firms worldwide reporting adoption of a litany of tools and technologies from analytics to marketing data enrichment.

Business software firm Progress, which offers products including content management systems and customer experience solutions, and Dimensional Research surveyed B2B firms primarily in the Americas about their adoption and use of marketing tech. In only one area did a majority of respondents say they were “advanced”: ad networks.

Still, for many other tools and technologies, majorities reported at least “intermediate” competency, noting they take advantage of many of the tools’ features but know they could do more. The two most popular by this measure (after ad networks, which garnered 80% of respondents) were analytics, where 78% reported at least intermediate use, and testing and optimization, where 77% said the same.

The areas where B2Bs were most likely to report “basic” usage included content management systems, marketing automation, customer relationship management and sales optimization, all at 22% of respondents.

All these tools can add up to a big tech stack—and must be properly integrated with each other for effective use. The same survey found B2B marketers were using both real-time information-sharing as well as batch information-sharing to this end.

Just under two-thirds (63%) of respondents said they had two or three systems integrated in a batch process, meaning data is evaluated after all input is received—and typically on a defined timeline. Meanwhile, 60% reported using a real-time approach, where data is processed as soon as input is received, for the same number of services.

Depending on the system itself, a real-time process might make the most sense—or a batch process could be better. The survey also found that larger firms were more likely to use real-time integration for more processes, though they still also relied on batch information-sharing for others.

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