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In Australia, Email Marketing Carries Its Weight

Sales and marketing industry trails other sectors in open rates and CTR

As the complexity of the digital ecosystem grows, one thing that remains thankfully simple is email. For marketers with audiences who have already agreed to opt in to messages, most of the heavy lifting is already done. That holds true for email marketing campaigns in Australia as well.

A February 2013 analysis of email marketing messages distributed by Vision6 on behalf of Australia-based companies found that open rates had held pretty steady at around 22% over the preceding two years.

Email Campaign Metrics in Australia, H1 2011-H1 2013

Perhaps unsurprisingly, sales and marketing was the industry sector with the lowest unique open rate, cataloging 14.2% in H2 2012. However, that was a substantial increase from the previous half of the year, when the open rate came in at 11.1%. Advertising and media had a significantly higher open rate of 19.8% in H2 2012, but that reflected a slight decline from 20.7% in the first half of the year. While there will always be slight variations in open rates, it’s unlikely that any change will be drastic.

Email Open Rates in Australia, by Industry, H1 2012-H1 2013

Meanwhile, clickthrough rates (CTR) for the sales and marketing sector declined to 2.4% in H2 2012 from 2.7% six months prior. That compared with a CTR of 3.7% for the advertising/media/entertainment category in the second half of 2012. Retail and consumer products had better luck than both, registering a CTR of 4.6%.

Vision6 also found sharp growth in the use of mobile devices to access email, a reminder that marketers should take care to ensure their messages are properly formatted for smartphones and tablets. In the second half of 2012, one-third of email marketing messages were opened on mobile devices. That’s up from the first half of the year, when mobile accounted for around one-quarter of email opens.

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