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Appeal of Smart Homes Eludes Many in the US

More than half of respondents had little to no understanding of their benefit

July 13, 2017 | Media

In theory, smart homes provide their owners with a range of technological solutions intended to help manage their households. But so far, it appears that consumers have not yet internalized the potential advantages of homes connected to the internet.

According to a May 2017 survey from Hive, more than eight in 10 US internet users were familiar with the idea of smart homes. However, a sizable percentage of respondents (42%) had little understanding of how the technology could make their lives easier.

Awareness of Smart Homes Among US Internet Users, May 2017 (% of respondents)

In addition, 16% of respondents had heard of smart homes, but admitted they had no idea what benefits they offered.

Nearly one-quarter said they had a good understanding of the positive aspects of smart homes. But almost one in five (18%) had never even heard of the concept.

A major barrier to smart home adoption was the fact that 91% of respondents saw spending money on that sort of technology as a low priority within their household budget. In addition, 79% of those polled had concerns about the need for professionals to install necessary features.

Some smart-home features, such as the ability to remotely turn off appliances when not in use, could save money over time. But that doesn’t yet seem enough to persuade US consumers to manage the upfront costs of smart-home devices.

Monica Melton


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