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Another Platform Puts Ad Blocking in the Mix

Twitter enables the activity on iOS

June 16, 2017

Twitter unveiled an update to its mobile app that enables users to block ads on mobile webpages opened via the app.

Unlike Google’s recently reported move to incorporate an ad blocker in its Chrome browser next year, Twitter is simply enabling its app to use the ad block software built into Apple’s native browser, Safari.

“For advertisers, this specific move will have little effect,” said eMarketer analyst Nicole Perrin. But, at a broad level, “the issue of rising mobile ad blocking is something advertisers should be concerned about.”

Ad blockers as a rule tend to work only within browsers, and mobile web use accounts for only a small share of time spent on mobile in the US—less than 11% of total mobile time spent per day, eMarketer’s estimates.

But use of mobile ad blockers is rising. eMarketer predicts nearly one in 10 US smartphone users (9.6%) will use ad blockers in 2018, up from 7.9% this year. In total, more than one quarter of US internet users (27.5%), or 75.1 million people, will use ad blockers this year.

US Ad Blocking User Penetration, Desktop/Laptop vs. Smartphone, 2014-2018 (% of population)

eMarketer defines an ad blocker as an internet user of any age who accesses the web at least once per month via any device (including a mobile device) that has an ad blocker enabled.

Monica Melton

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