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Android Users Interact More with Push Notifications

Across all regions, push notifications on Android devices were higher

July 20, 2016

Globally, push notification interaction rates are higher on Android devices than they are on iOS, according to research. In fact, in Europe and North America, push notification interaction rates are more than three times as high on Android than iOS.

Mobile App Push Notification Interaction Rates Worldwide, by OS and Region, 2015

Research from Accengage, which represents activity among its clients, found that the rates are likely to be high because of Android’s possibility to create richer formats, including image and multiline text. The data found that in Europe, the mobile app push interaction rates were 16.5% on Android and 5.3% of iOS. Similarly, Android push interaction rates were high at 12.0% in North America, and iOS interaction rates were at 3.8%.

In fact, across all regions analyzed, interaction rates with mobile push notifications were significantly higher on Android devices than they were on iOS.

That comes on top of the fact that essentially all Android users are opted in to receiving such notifications—unlike in iOS, they do not have an option. But even with the potential for less-wanted push notifications, rates are higher, possibly due to the richer nature of such push messages on Android handsets.

Average App Retention Rate Over the First 3 Months* Among Mobile App Users Worldwide, Push Notifications Sent vs. Not Sent, Feb-May 2015

Overall, push notifications can be effective for marketers looking to reach consumers with relevant messaging. And according to research fromLocalytics, they can also lift retention rates. The study found that monthly app launches among mobile app users worldwide who received push notifications averaged 13.2 in May 2015—26.9% higher than the average of 10.4 for users who didn’t receive them.

In addition, fully 61% of new app users receiving push notifications launched the app within the first month—more than double the 28% of installers who did not receive push notifications within that timeframe.

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