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Analytics Are the No. 1 Marketing Technology

Marketing technology know-how is increasingly critical

August 24, 2016 | Marketing

With so many marketing technology products and tools out there, it can begin to get muddied when it comes to what marketers are deploying most. According to research, 75% of US practitioners said they use analytics-focused tools, among others like customer relationship (CRM) and social community management platforms.

Types of Marketing Technology Used by US Marketers, April 2016 (% of respondents)

Software and professional services firm Clutch, in partnership with marketing agency R2integrated found in April that the vast majority of US marketers said they use web and marketing analytics products. This was the No. 1 type of marketing technology in use according to the survey.

Meanwhile, another 62% and 59% said they deploy CRM and social community management platforms, respectively. Demand-side side platforms were the least likely technology to be in use among any mentioned by the survey, with just 36%. Overall, marketing tech usage was almost universal: Just 1% of respondents said they did not use anything on the list.

Skills that Are Becoming Increasingly Important* According to Senior Marketers in the US vs. Western Europe**, May 2016 (% of respondents)

That’s one reason marketing technology is becoming a critical skill area for high-level marketers to wrap their heads around. In a separate May 2016 survey from DataXu, Morar Consulting and WithPR, 78% of US senior marketers believed that understanding marketing technology has become increasingly important to hitting their business goals, just 1 percentage point behind creativity.

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Programmatic advertising accounts for more than half of US digital display ad spending.


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