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Amazon Enjoys Great Loyalty From US Amazon Shoppers

Amazon Prime members buy much more often than shoppers who are nonmembers

November 28, 2016 | Retail & Ecommerce

US Amazon shoppers ages 18 and older display a great amount of loyalty toward the brand and website, according to a Summer 2016 survey from Feedvisor and Walker Sands Communications. Nearly 100% of respondents said they had bought from Amazon in the past year.

Retail Sites/Services from Which US Amazon Shoppers Have Made a Purchase, Summer 2016 (% of respondents)

But it's not just loyalty toward Amazon: respondents also often refrained from purchasing from other companies, sites and services. While about 60% said they did say they made a purchase from a brand or retailer's site, just one in three made a purchase via eBay, and less than 10% from subscription-based services.

Being an Amazon Prime member, it turns out, greatly influences that loyalty.

Frequency with Which US Amazon Shoppers Purchase from Amazon, Prime Members vs. Nonmembers, Summer 2016 (% of respondents)

For example, 11% of US Amazon shoppers who are prime members make two or more purchases per week, while for nonmembers, that figure is just 1%. Weekly buyers are nearly one in five for Prime members, while just 3% for nonmembers. A quarter of respondents who are prime members said they made a purchase once every two weeks, while just 8% of nonmembers did.

Over 60% of nonmembers, meanwhile, make purchases from Amazon less than once per month; among Prime members, that total is just 19%.

And it turns out that shipping, for both members of Prime and nonmembers, causes pause when making purchases.

Over 85% of US Amazon shoppers surveyed, both Prime members and not, named shipping charges as a deterrent.

But given that Amazon Prime offers lots of shipping deals and savings, perhaps another big deterrent to making purchases is simply not being a member.

But many consumers in the US and Western Europe agree: Amazon offers digital buyers an excellent experience. With over 55% telling MetaPack in September 2016 they've experienced excellent service from the company, that, too, may explain some of the loyalty.

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