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Almost Half of Millennial Moms Primarily Use Mobile to Buy Digitally

Millennial moms more comfortable shopping digitally

November 10, 2015

Millennial mothers in the US are digitally savvy. This group not only relies on their mobile devices to research, read reviews and ultimately buy, but also feels comfortable making purchases online without having to see items first in person.

US Millennial Mother Internet Users Who Primarily Make Digital Purchases via Desktop/Laptop vs. Mobile Phone/Tablet, Sep 2015 (% of respondents)

According to September 2015 research by Roth Capital Partners (ROTH), almost half (46.8%) of mother internet users ages 20 to 35 primarily made digital purchases via their mobile phone or tablet.

Asked about how they Use their smartphone when in-store or out shopping, 75.2% of respondents polled searched for better prices elsewhere, nearly two-thirds (65.8%) searched for or read product reviews and 62.1% searched for or downloaded mobile coupons.

Indeed, mobile is a popular channel among this demographic. A separate December 2014 BabyCenter and Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) survey found that nine in 10 US millennial mother internet users polled use a smartphone. Furthermore, when it came to shopping, 81% of that group used their device while in-store.

Smartphone Activities Conducted While Shopping According to US Millennial Mother Internet Users, Sep 2015 (% of respondents)

Millennials mothers are comfortable buying a wide variety of products online, without having to first see them in person, ROTH also revealed. Respondents were most likely to report feeling comfortable buying diapers online, an early category of goods that shifted to digital shopping for many parents. Toys, electronic toys and clothing were also purchases almost two-thirds of US millennial mother internet users were comfortable making.

But items such as car seats, body care and nursery furniture were low on the list—only a little over one third of respondents said they felt comfortable buying those products online. Baby food polled the lowest, with only 15% of respondents comfortable buying it digitally.

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