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For Agencies, Targeted Video Ads Best at Grabbing Viewer Attention

Targeting is most effective for attracting digital video ad viewers, but placements must also entertain

June 29, 2015

As consumers spend an increasing amount of time viewing digital video, advertisers are following along. Indeed, nearly seven in 10 US ad agency professionals polled by Strata in May 2015 said video was their main campaign focus. And further results indicated that they were pleased with the value they’d already gotten from such efforts. Fully 44% were confident in the return on investment (ROI) of online video purchases. While this was still the minority, it was up an impressive 43% quarter over quarter. Meanwhile, the percentage of respondents who were unsure of online video ROI dropped 25%, to 37%.

Most Effective Tactic for Attracting Viewers to Watch Digital Video Ads According to US Ad Agency Professionals, May 2015 (% of respondents)

There’s no denying the role targeting plays in digital video success. In December 2014 polling by BrightRoll, 56% of US ad agency professionals cited targeting capabilities as the most valuable digital video advertising feature for their clients.

Similarly, Strata found that targeting was the best way to grab consumers’ eyeballs. Nearly two-thirds of ad agency professionals cited targeting viewers based on interest as the most effective tactic for attracting viewers to watch digital video ads. Making ads entertaining came in second, though it trailed by 40 percentage points. Ads that were funny, educational or contained a celebrity grabbed slivers of the remaining respondents.

However, other research by Strata from April 2015 found differing opinions on the viewer side. When asked why they were likely to view digital video ads instead of skipping them, viewers were more likely to say it was because they were funny (51.8%) or entertaining (45.1%). Targeted ads ranked third, at 33.0%. Informative (29.5%) and celebrity-based (16.6%) ads once again had a smaller impact.

Q1 2015 research by Videology found that demographics were the most common campaign targeting criteria used for digital video ads, at 100% of campaigns served on the platform in the US that quarter. Over two-thirds used behavioral data, and a similar percentage used geotargeting.

Agencies must certainly leverage targeting data to make sure their ads reach the right audience, but while doing so, they’d be wise to ensure their placements entertain viewers too.


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