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For Agencies, Emails Prove a Good Introduction

Most new agency opportunities are digital

November 14, 2012

It shouldn’t come as much surprise to advertising agencies looking for new business that the best opportunities are in digital marketing, according to one study.

RSW/US, a business development firm targeted toward agencies, surveyed marketers about how they learned about ad agencies—and agencies about what marketers are looking for. More than three-quarters of US agencies reported that their most frequent business opportunities were digital, with another 52.6% citing social media specifically. A comparatively low 46.1% said their most frequent new opportunities were traditional.

A mix of digital and traditional is also proving the best way to drum up business, the survey found. While agencies considered referrals still the top way of finding new clients, marketers noted that aside from referrals, emails from agencies were the most common way they learned about new shops.

Ways that US Marketers Learn* About New Ad Agencies, Sep 2012 (% of respondents)

Email was also their preferred method of contact with a new agency, with an overwhelming 76.8% of marketers indicating this. Less than a quarter preferred to be contacted by phone, and social media channels were even less popular.

Preferred Methods of Contact with a New Ad Agency According to US Marketers, Sep 2012 (% of respondents)

Just under half of the agencies surveyed said it was neither harder nor easier to gain new clients this year compared with last year, but on balance it appears to be becoming more difficult to find new business. Nearly 35% of agencies said it had become harder than last year, while only 17.5% thought it was easier.

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