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Affluents in Mexico Pick PCs for Digital Purchases

More than six in 10 have smartphones, but just 13% use them to buy digitally

March 12, 2014 | Retail & Ecommerce | Demographics

In a December 2013 study by The Competitive Intelligence Unit (CIU), more than six in 10 affluents in Mexico—people living in AB/C+ households in the country as defined by the Asociación Mexicana de Agencias de Inteligencia de Mercado y Opinión (AMAI)—said they owned a smartphone (60.4%), and 9.6% had a tablet, compared with 27.1% and 5.0% of total consumers.

However, January 2014 research by the CIU found that affluents, who have a higher purchasing power than consumers in general, weren’t buying via mobile. Among affluent digital buyers polled, just 13% said a mobile phone was their primary device for making purchases online, and only 12% said the same for tablets. Instead, affluent digital buyers were buying on PCs, with nearly three-quarters of respondents citing the computer as the primary device they used to make digital purchases.

Primary Device Used to Make Purchases Online Among Affluent* Digital Buyers in Mexico, Jan 2014 (% of total)

When making digital purchases in general, affluents were most likely to buy travel tickets (22%), apparel/accessories (19%) and electronics (16%).


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