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Advertisers Try to Make Sense of Asia-Pacific's Multidevice Habits

More devices and less predictable cross-screen behaviors create problems for marketers

November 3, 2016 | Marketing

Multidevice usage is Asia-Pacific continues to grow. But as more consumers in the region use a changing mix of smartphones, PCs and tablets, many advertisers are struggling to keep up with creating effective cross-screen campaigns to reach them.

Number of Devices Owned by Multidevice Users in Asia-Pacific, by Country, H1 2016 (% of total on the Appier network)

According to H1 2016 research from Appier, a significant share of consumers in the 11 Asia-Pacific countries studied owned two, three or more than four devices. In Australia, Japan and Singapore, for example, at least half of respondents owned more than four devices.

Designing advertising campaigns to reach these multidevice users remains a key challenge for marketers, who often struggle with whether these users exhibit different behaviors when viewing digital ads on different devices. The answer, it appears, is “sometimes,” and it depends on the country.

When looking at Appier's report, more than half of respondents in Malaysia, Taiwan, the Philippines and Vietnam said they behaved differently when viewing ads on separate devices. For other countries like Japan and Australia, however, the device used to view ads made little difference.

Multidevice Users* in Select Countries in Asia-Pacific Who Exhibit Completely Different** Behaviors Toward Digital Ads Across Devices, H1 2016 (% of multidevice users* on the Appier network)

The conclusions were even less clear when comparing Appier's similar report from 2015 . In fact, the consumers in countries who “exhibited different behaviors” across devices last year didn't necessarily match with the conclusions for 2016. Take for example users in Japan, who illustrated minimal cross-device differences in online ad behavior in 2016, while demonstrating significant differences in 2015. This inconsistency suggests the difficulty that tracking such behavior presents to marketers.

Cross-device campaigns will represent an increasingly important area for focus among Asia-Pacific’s marketers in the years to come. However, as illustrated by consumers’ unpredictable behaviors, continued investment in research and technology will be needed to gain a more accurate understanding of how to reach them.

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