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Accurate Product Info Is a Pain Point for Digital Shoppers

They won’t return to a brand that gets it wrong

December 8, 2015

Sometimes, when consumers have a bad experience with a brand, they are willing to forgive and forget. But some problems are harder to get over, and inaccurate product information may be one of them.

Likelihood that US Digital Shoppers Would Buy from a Brand Again After an Experience with Inaccurate Product Information, Aug 2015 (% of respondents)

According to August 2015 research from Shotfarm, more than half of US digital shoppers said they were “very unlikely” to purchase again from a brand if they had an experience with inaccurate product info. Altogether, an overwhelming 87% of respondents were unlikely to buy from the brand again.

Product information is key to purchase decision-making—unsurprisingly. Nearly eight in 10 respondents to the Shotfarm survey said it was “very important,” with 95% giving it some level of importance. And many of them had been burned in the past.

More than one in four respondents said they had returned a clothing purchase transacted digitally because when the item arrived it did not match the description online. This was less common in other categories, but still affected 9% of consumer electronics buyers and 7% of households goods buyers, for example.

Factors that Frustrate US Internet Users When Purchasing Products Digitally, Oct 2015 (% of respondents)

Nearly one in four US internet users surveyed in October by for Needle also said this was a major pain point for them, and that confusing product details, or a lack thereof, frustrated their online shopping experiences. And nearly three in 10 said it took too long to research, view and purchase products digitally—perhaps because they have trouble finding product info they trust.

The most likely source of such info, according to the Shotfarm research, is manufacturer’s websites, which about half of US digital shoppers believed had the most accurate and also the most complete data. Third-party retailer websites scored just 17% on both measures.

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