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APAC Boasts Second-Largest Share of Global 4G LTE Mobile Connections

Asia-Pacific grabs 37% of 4G LTE mobile connections worldwide

August 14, 2014 | Mobile | Telecom

Asia-Pacific is just a few points behind North America—and far ahead of any other world region—when it comes to worldwide market share of 4G LTE mobile connections.

4G LTE Mobile Connections Worldwide, by Region, May 2014 (millions and % of total)

According to May 2014 data from Informa Telecoms & Media and 4G Americas, 45% of all the 4G LTE mobile connections in the world were in North America. Another 37% were in Asia-Pacific—leaving just 17% or so of the pie to be divided up by the rest of the world (and most of that went to Europe).

Smartphone User Share Worldwide by Region, 2012-2018 (% of total)

eMarketer’s latest estimates of smartphone usage around the world indicate an outright majority of users are in Asia-Pacific, while North America accounts for just 10.3% of the total this year. But not all smartphones are 4G LTE-enabled—not by a long shot. Research suggests mobile users in the UK maybe not be particularly interested in 4G. Patterns like that, and the fact that more mature mobile markets might be more likely to include smartphone users on older standards than 4G LTE, could contribute to the disparity in distribution of smartphones vs. 4G LTE connections.

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