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4G Mobile Connections Are Taking Over in Taiwan

Over 60% of the population now has access to 4G

September 29, 2016 | Mobile

As 4G mobile internet connections continue to rise in Taiwan, 3G connections are declining and 2G remains flat. An August 2016 report from Taiwan’s National Communications Commission claims that there were over 15 million 4G mobile connections in Taiwan in June 2016.

Mobile Internet Connections and Penetration in Taiwan, by Access Technology, April-June 2016 (millions and % of population)

While about 60% of the population in Taiwan connected to the internet via a mobile 4G connection in April 2016, that figure steadily grew to nearly 65% in June 2016. Meanwhile, while 61% of the population made a 3G mobile connection in April 2016, 56.5% did so in June 2016. So 4G has decisively emerged as the leader in mobile internet connection technology.

And a December 2015 survey conducted by MasterCard reveals what internet users are up to in Taiwan: Over 80% are receiving and sending emails, and nearly as many are checking updates on social networks or messaging with their friends. As more and more of the population gains access to 4G speeds, these activities are likely to become more popular on mobile as well as for internet usage in general.

But if those in Taiwan are embracing the newest technologies when it comes to mobile internet connections, other areas—like TV subscriptions—retain their longtime leaders.

TV Subscriptions in Taiwan, by Type, Q2 2016 (millions)

Cable TV tallies more TV subscriptions in Taiwan than any other technology, according to the report, at a total of 5.1 million over Q2 2016. Combined, however, digital options actually finish higher than cable—with 4.8 million digital set-top boxes and 1.3 million digital pay TVs, there are about 1 million more digital subscriptions than cable.

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