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Starcom MediaVest Group Invests in Enterprise Deal with eMarketer

SMG offers eMarketer’s Digital Intelligence to all its employees around the world

NEW YORK, NY (Jan. 25, 2011)—Starcom MediaVest Group (SMG) is providing 6,700 employees across its 110-office network access to eMarketer’s analysis of digital marketing, media and commerce information.

The deal represents a corporate-wide commitment on SMG’s part to educate and inform its personnel across all departments and disciplines on the importance and impact of digital trends.

“Digital isn’t a testing ground where our industry can afford to make mistakes anymore, as this deal demonstrates,” said Kate Sirkin, EVP Research at SMG. “We think we’ve taken an important step in giving all our employees the information they need to lead the industry as digital media becomes a mainstream channel for marketers and advertisers.”

The global deal gives media-buying giant SMG access to the steady flow of information on online marketing, media spending and consumer usage trends that eMarketer produces by daily aggregating and analyzing data from thousands of media, research, government and academic sources.

“This represents a major step forward,” said Lisa Church, president of eMarketer. “We’re honored to help raise the digital IQ of their entire organization, beyond the research and digital departments.”

According to eMarketer, US advertisers spent $25.8 billion on internet ads in 2010—15.3% of total advertising dollars for the year. By 2014, the firm estimates online ad spending will reach $40.5 billion and account for more than 21% of total ad spending.

In September 2010, Starcom MediaVest Group and eMarketer jointly released the Global Media Intelligence Report, an in-depth look at digital media in 29 global markets.

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Posted on January 25, 2011.