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eMarketer in the News: November 9, 2012

New York Times – Advertising Relearned for Mobile
October 28, 2012: Google earns 56 percent of all mobile ad dollars and 96 percent of mobile search ad dollars, according to eMarketer. The company said it is on track to earn $8 billion in the coming year from mobile sales, which includes ads as well as apps, music and movies it sells in its Google Play store. But the vast majority of that money comes from ads, it said. Read more.

Financial Times – Publishers Can Survive Digital Kryptonite
October 31, 2012: Analysts even predict that magazine publishers are about to start growing again. eMarketer, a research firm, sees US print advertising budgets staying steady, slightly above $15bn, between 2010 and 2016. Read more.

Financial Times – Washington Post Company Boosts Earnings
November 2, 2012: Newspaper ad revenues are expected to drop 5.9 per cent this year to $22.5bn as publishers cope with a shift to digital and dwindling circulations, according to research firm eMarketer. Read more.

Reuters – AOL Ad Sales, Strongest in Seven Years, Boost Profit
November 6, 2012: That compares with the overall U.S. display ad market, estimated to grow more than 20 percent to $14.98 billion this year, according to research firm eMarketer. Read more.

Bloomberg – AOL Climbs After Posting Profit on Higher Advertising Sales
November 6, 2012: AOL’s U.S. advertising business ranks fifth among major competitors behind Google, Yahoo, Facebook Inc. and Microsoft Corp., according to research firm eMarketer. Read more.

Bloomberg – Priceline Buys Kayak for $1.8 Billion Expanding in Travel
November 8, 2012: “These are two of the largest online-travel companies, and both are consistently in the top five or top 10 of traffic in the United States,” said Dan Marcec, an analyst at EMarketer. “It makes sense that these two companies would want to work together, of course, because they do have different strengths and different objectives.” Read more.

USA Today – Apple Misses Estimates with Fourth-Quarter Results
October 25, 2012: The brand new lineup of computers covers the spectrum of price points and functions as it heads into the holidays, says Noah Elkin, an analyst at eMarketer. Read more.

Posted on November 9, 2012.