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October 7, 2011: eMarketer in the News

Here are a few of the top stories in which eMarketer data and analysis were featured this week:

10/6: The Wall Street Journal – Fever Breaks for Facebook Shares
The once-dizzying rise in the value of privately owned Facebook Inc. has slowed, a sign the social network hasn’t been immune to broader market volatility or the weakness in the global economy. Read more.

10/2: The Financial Times – AOL independence rules over deals
According to eMarketer, AOL will have 4.2 per cent of the $12.3bn US online display advertising market this year, a figure that is declining and behind Facebook, Yahoo, Google and Microsoft. Read more.

10/3: Bloomberg – Google Takes Page From Sunday Newspaper With New ‘Circulars’ Internet Ads
Google will grab 76 percent of the U.S. market for search- based ad revenue this year, up from 74 percent in 2010, according to estimates from EMarketer Inc. in New York. Next year, Google may expand to 78 percent, the research firm said. Read more.

10/3: Advertising Age – Amazon Sets Kindle Fire to Sell Media
“Even if Amazon loses money on each, they are going to make it back through selling more content through the lifetime of the device,” said Noah Elkin, analyst at eMarketer. Read more.

10/6: Reuters – AOL, Yahoo, Demand Media set sights on the ladies
According to eMarketer, the CPG segment is poised to spend almost $2.5 billion in online advertising in the United States this year, more than doubling to $5 billion by 2015. Read more.

10/3: The Wall Street Journal – Facebook’s Brand of Loyalty
Companies have spent the past few years trying to amass Facebook fans for their products and services. Now they’re trying to figure out how to squeeze value out of them. Read more.

10/4: Paid Content – U.S. Mobile Ad Spend To Pass $1 Billion For The First Time
Mobile advertising is still a small and young business when you compare it to how much money goes into digital—let alone offline—advertising and marketing campaigns. But there are some clear signs of it growing up fast: eMarketer says the U.S. is on track to have its first year of $1 billion-plus in mobile ad revenues. Read more.

10/5: TechCrunch – Global Ad Revenues from Social Networks to Reach $5.4B in 2011; $10B in 2013
Ad revenue from social networks worldwide is expected to reach $5.54 billion this year, according to eMarketer estimates, and will double by 2013. Read more.

10/6: CNBC – Apple’s Investors Wonder If Firm’s Best Days Are Over
Last year, Apple held 28 percent of the smart phone market, second only to a rapidly deteriorating Research In Motion at 30 percent and followed closely by fast-growing phones running Google’s Android system with 24 percent market share, according to eMarketer. Read more.

10/4: MarketWatch – Mobile ads to top $1B for first time: eMarketer
Mobile advertising expenditures will top $1 billion for the first time in 2011, and hit $4.4 billion by 2015, according to the latest forecast issued on Tuesday by research firm eMarketer. Read more.

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Posted on October 7, 2011.