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October 28, 2011: eMarketer in the News

Here are a few of the top stories in which eMarketer data and analysis were featured during the past week or so:

10/23: The Wall Street Journal – Google, Private-Equity Firms Mull Bid For Yahoo
Google Inc. has talked to at least two private-equity firms about potentially helping them finance a deal to buy Yahoo Inc.’s core business, according to a person familiar with the matter. Read more.

10/24: Forbes – Google’s Playing With Antitrust Fire If It’s Courting Yahoo
A rumored move by Google to possibly finance a buyout of Yahoo’s core business so that it can A) sell ads across Yahoo’s websites or B) raise the purchase price for its rivals would be recklessly incendiary. Read more.

10/19: The Financial Times – Yahoo beats low expectations amid turmoil
Yahoo’s profits fell 26 per cent in the third quarter of 2011 compared to a year before but still beat analysts low expectations, sending its shares higher amid the most tumultuous period in its history. Read more.

10/19: Bloomberg – Yahoo Climbs as Profit Beats Estimates on Internet-Ad Demand
U.S. online ad spending is expected to grow 20 percent this year to $31.3 billion, according to eMarketer Inc. Yahoo’s share of display ads, including banners, will be 13.1 percent this year in the U.S., down from 14.4 percent last year, estimates eMarketer. Facebook’s share will climb to 16.3 percent, up from 12.2 percent. Read more.

10/25: Fortune – Turning social media into company assets
No wonder, then, that eMarketer says that nearly 90% of all Americans get their product information from trusted sources like families and friends, or that McKinsey believes that word of mouth is the primary factor behind 20% to 50% of all the purchase decisions we make. Read more.

10/24: AdWeek – For Advertisers, Older People Are the New Youth
Now that advertisers have realized that older consumers are worth targeting—it helps that they’re one of the few groups that still has money to spend—the AARP is launching a new online network to chase those dollars. Read more.

10/18: Advertising Age – As Online Ad Spending Grows, Yahoo Is Not Sharing in the Bounty
While Yahoo’s third-quarter earnings contained no surprises, they also did nothing to lift the dark cloud hovering above the internet giant. Read more.

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Posted on October 28, 2011.