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March 2, 2012: eM in the News

Here are a few of the top stories in which eMarketer data and analysis were featured during the past week or so:

The New York Times – Substantial Growth in Ads Is on the Way to Facebook
Facebook’s hundreds of millions of users could soon be faced with a lot more advertising — in their newsfeed, on their mobile devices and even when they log off. Read more.

The New York Times – Risk and Riches in User Data for Facebook
It is Facebook’s biggest conundrum. As the world’s largest social network, it faces intense scrutiny from consumers, courts and regulators worldwide over how it handles the data it collects from its 845 million users. But as a company preparing to go public, it is under pressure to find new ways to turn that data into profit. Read more.

The New York Times – News From the Advertising Industry
Facebook, which last year became the No. 1 seller of online display advertising, according to eMarketer, New York, may be passed next year by Google, whose online display ad revenue is growing faster than expected. Read more.

The Wall Street Journal – Facebook Tries to Amp Up Ads
Facebook Inc. is adding new ways for advertisers to reach more people on its site, as the social network tries to beef up its ad revenue prospects ahead of an initial public offering this spring. Read more.

The Wall Street Journal – Twitter’s Slow Road to IPO
In just six years Twitter Inc. has become the world’s digital soapbox, amassing more than 100 million monthly users—from everyday people to Lady Gaga to Middle East protesters—who use the service to spread pithy updates and breaking news. Read more.

The Wall Street Journal – Facebook, Twitter Play Space Invaders
To justify their huge valuations, Facebook and Twitter are trying to turn up the revenue dial. The risk is that this causes some users to tune them out. Read more.

Financial Times – Google Privacy Policy Gets Public Airing
People using Google’s email service, Gmail, on a relatively new BlackBerry smartphone may have noticed recently that some contacts now have small photos next to their names. They may have been surprised to see them there – after all, these are not photos taken by the BlackBerry itself, and its manufacturer Research In Motion has struck no data-sharing deal with Google. Read more.

Advertising Age – Facebook Replaces Google as Feared Disruptor of Online Advertising
The chieftains of online advertising — Yahoo, Google, WPP — are convening in Miami, but the talk is about the company not taking the stage: Facebook. Read more.

Advertising Age – What’s Holding Back Mobile-Ad Spending?
Put it this way: Not using mobile advertising is a bad idea. Consumers are crazy for smartphones, and thanks to wide availability and devices that range from the high- to low-end, more consumers are buying internet-connected mobile phones today than just-for-calls feature phones in the U.S. Read more.

Advertising Age – How to Tell if Gamification Is Right for You
Got Questions About Gaming? We’ve Got Answers Read more.

Advertising Age – Toyota, GM, Unilever Channel Big Bucks to YouTube
If you needed a sign of just how audacious YouTube’s $100 million experiment in original content is, consider the asking price for advertisers: as much as $62 million for the exclusive on a package of “channels” in categories such as music or pop culture. Read more.

Advertising Age – What You Need to Know About Interactive TV
There’s a “You say potato, I say potahto’ scenario going on in interactive TV. The term ITV is used to refer to two types of interactivity: one dealing with usage, the other with technology. Read more.

Reuters – Facebook Brings New Ad Opportunities to Brands
Facebook unveiled a number of new opportunities for advertising on their social network today, the biggest being the ability to post ads to mobile devices, which they had not yet been offering. Read more.

USA Today – Marketers Get New Way to Reach Facebook Users
At a splashy New York City event, the social-networking giant pitched “Premium on Facebook” as a new way for advertisers to pay to mingle ads across the pages and mobile phones of Facebook members. Read more.

Associated Press – Brand-Name Deals to Mix with Facebook Friend Posts
Messages from brands such as Walmart and Starbucks may soon be mixed in with your Facebook status updates and baby photos from friends and family. Read more.

Bloomberg – Facebook to Show Mobile Ads to Help Boost Sales Before IPO
Facebook Inc., the world’s largest social-networking site, is making its first push into mobile advertising, seeking a new source of revenue ahead of a planned initial public offering this year. Read more.

Bloomberg – Google+ Users Are Spending Just 3.3 Minutes a Month on Site, ComScore Says
One area where Google is catching up is display advertising — a market Facebook currently leads. By next year, Google will account for 19.8 percent of the industry, generating $3.68 billion in ad sales, according to EMarketer Inc. Facebook will have 17.7 percent, or $3.29 billion, the New York-based research firm estimates. Read more.

Bloomberg – Facebook Marketing Boom Fuels Social-Advertising Startup Demand
Entrepreneur Michael Lazerow parlayed booming demand for advertising on Facebook Inc. — and reassurances from its operating chief, Sheryl Sandberg — into a business that generates almost $100 million a year in sales. Read more.

Bloomberg Businessweek – Twitter, the Startup That Wouldn’t Die
Life inside successful Web startups—especially the really successful ones—can be nasty, brutish, and short. As companies grow exponentially, egos clash, investors jockey for control, and business complexities rapidly exceed the managerial abilities of the founders. Read more.

CNN – How StumbleUpon Saved Itself
It doesn’t have Facebook’s huge user base or Pinterest’s deafening buzz, but some people use this quiet social media service just as much, and advertisers may actually prefer putting their ad dollars in it. Read more.

Los Angeles Times – Facebook Pledges to Help Advertisers by Making Ads More Prominent
Facebook holds its first marketing conference in New York and tells corporate executives that their brands will be given a greater presence on the social network. Read more.

Posted on March 2, 2012.