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eMarketer Chairman Geoff Ramsey on Today’s Biggest Digital Marketing Challenges

eMarketer chairman Geoff Ramsey discusses key trends in digital advertising spending, mobile ad spending, time spent, and social growth, specifically, Facebook’s continuing dominance of the market and Twitter’s steady growth. He also highlights what he sees as one of the biggest challenges in digital marketing: measurement.

“The biggest challenge in digital marketing is measurement and a key problem is integration,” said Ramsey. “Only 20% of marketers claim they have competency when it comes to integrating social with other platforms. Very few marketers are integrating mobile. If we can get the pieces tied together and optimize digital ad spend, we’ll be much farther along.”

As for the future of digital marketing, Ramsey doesn’t purport to have all the answers, but he believes integration will continue to grow in importance.

“Nobody can predict the future, but I do think that we will see more open source solutions and more players will enter the game,” he continued. “We will see a lot more integration, a lot more channels tied into each other. We will be able to demonstrate to our CMO and CEO, when I do these things over time, it leads to better results and eventually sales.”

This interview was filmed at the Digital Collective “Back to School” event. Senior digital marketers visited companies including Twitter, Google, Facebook, YouTube, and IDEO, and participated in high-level discussions about finance, technology, and digital marketing trends.

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Posted on October 18, 2012.