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eMarketer Redesigns Website

After a few days of testing, we officially launched a new look today for, and now it’s easier than ever to learn how eMarketer can help your business.

The new site features examples of eMarketer’s rapidly expanding coverage of major regions and fast-emerging markets around the world, including the United Kingdom and Europe, China, Brazil, India, Indonesia, and dozens more.

Get an overview of eMarketer’s coverage, or explore sample coverage of specific regions:

Eastern Europe
Latin America
Middle East & Africa
North America
Western Europe

You can also read about eMarketer’s expanding, dedicated coverage of vertical categories such as:

Consumer Products
Financial Services
Healthcare & Pharma
Media & Entertainment

In addition, you can get a better sense of how companies use information from eMarketer, and understand why corporate subscribers—which now include two-thirds of Fortune 500 brands—rely on eMarketer every day. If you’re curious how companies access this information, check out the eMarketer corporate subscription platform. It’s incredibly easy to use, and the most convenient way to build your knowledge of the digital marketplace—anytime, anywhere.

The site also now has several new opportunities for advertisers in the Articles section of the site, including bigger and better ad units on the redesigned – 970×90 Super Leaderboard, plus more rich media options including IAB Display Rising Star units, Pushdown and Sidekick. Sign up for the eMarketer Daily Newsletter for a free inside look at our coverage of digital marketing and media trends. Read more about eMarketer’s audience and advertising opportunities.

If you need a refresher on what eMarketer is all about, take 60 seconds to get up to speed in our updated About section. Corporate subscribers can log in to our client website here.

— Cerelle Centeno, Director, Digital Marketing

Posted on September 25, 2012.