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eMarketer Webinar: Social Media Outlook for 2011

Debra Aho Williamson

To listen and watch playback of the webinar, Social Media Outlook for 2011, click here. You can view the PowerPoint deck below.

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You will take away:

  • The numbers to know—how businesses are budgeting for social media and what they are spending
  • How important Facebook is becoming to the online marketplace
  • Why “liking” a brand is only the beginning of a consumer’s dialog with a company
  • Which demographic groups are the heaviest users of social media and how to effectively reach them

About Debra Aho Williamson

Debra is eMarketer’s lead analyst focusing on social media marketing and the demographics of social media users. She produces eMarketer’s forecasts for social network advertising spending in the US and worldwide and has written more than two dozen reports delivering key insights covering how marketers, media and consumers are engaging with social media. A founding executive editor of pioneering internet business publication The Industry Standard, Debra is quoted for her analysis in the business press and invited to speak at major digital marketing internet events.

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Posted on January 21, 2011.