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eMarketer Sees Record Growth in Companies Demanding Companywide Information Deals

NEW YORK, NY (January 7, 2013)—The number of companies that have signed agreements to provide eMarketer corporate subscription seats companywide has grown at record pace in 2012 as more businesses look to adapt to the rapid pace of change in the digital marketplace.

Sixty-four companies signed enterprise agreements in the last 60 days to provide eMarketer’s insights on digital marketing, media and commerce to all employees inside their respective organizations. That’s in addition to more than a dozen companies that renewed or expanded previously held enterprise agreements.

The total number of companies with enterprise-level corporate subscriptions to eMarketer has more than quadrupled in the past year.

According to eMarketer president Lisa Church, the growth in large-scale agreements signals a fundamental shift in how organizations distribute information internally to “educate employees, speed decision-making and drive revenue.”

“The complexity and speed of change in the marketplace today has forced companies to empower more employees than ever before with the information they need to stay up to speed,” said Church. “Our clients have demanded that all employees be able to access eMarketer’s insights so they’re able to get a clear and contextualized understanding of all the research floating around about the complex digital marketplace.”

The growing body of businesses distributing eMarketer insights company- or division-wide includes some of the largest global companies in the consumer packaged goods, internet media, financial services, food and beverage, media and entertainment, publishing, retail, technology and telecommunications sectors, as well as advertising and media-buying agencies that support clients in all verticals.

“They feel it’s the only way to develop intellectual capital quickly enough to adapt, drive revenue and capture market share in today’s fast-changing world,” added Church. “Our clients have said that relying on a small, siloed group to supply information to a large, multinational organization about something as complex and fast-changing as digital is risky, especially with—in some cases—billions of dollars at stake.”

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Posted on January 7, 2013.