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eMarketer in the News: June 29, 2012

Associated Press – Facebook Draws User Ire with Email Switcheroo
June 26, 2012: “It’s pretty emblematic of Facebook’s mode of operation. Take action and apologize later,” said Debra Aho Williamson, an analyst at research firm eMarketer. “They seem like they pulled the trigger without telling everybody. It’s going back to the way they were operating a few years ago.” Read more.

The Wall Street Journal – Twitter’s Mobile Ads Begin to Click
June 29, 2012: Twitter, which is closely held, declined to specify its ad revenue. But eMarketer Inc. expects Twitter to produce $259.9 million from advertising this year, up from an estimated $139.5 million in 2011. The research firm and other analysts don’t break out Twitter’s revenue forecasts from mobile devices. Read more.

Financial Times – Twitter Is Now a Mobile-First Company, Says CEO
June 29, 2012: As a result, in the few months since Twitter launched mobile advertising, income from smartphones has often surpassed the desktop. The WSJ reported on Friday that the majority of its revenues – estimated at $260m this year by eMarketer – now comes from mobile on “most days”, with one advertiser describing the results of its campaigns as “staggering”. Read more.

Reuters – Zynga Plans to Build a Gamers’ Social Network
June 27, 2012: “One of the worries is that the whole idea of social gaming seems to be waning somewhat,” said Paul Verna, a gaming analyst at eMarketer. “There doesn’t seem to be a lot of growth left, and the idea of unveiling another Ville game or FarmVille 2 – I don’t get the sense that’s very exciting to the financial investors.” Read more.

TIME – Facebook Banker Morgan Stanley ‘Likes’ — But Doesn’t Love — FB Stock
June 27, 2012: “We view Facebook’s mobile transition as a near-term headwind but long-term opportunity, and investors that believe in Facebook’s ability to execute over the next several years may be rewarded when the mobile monetization gap (between time spent and ad spend, currently at 10% vs. 1% per eMarketer) narrows or closes.” Read more.

Advertising Age – Mobile Payments Could Be a Gold Mine, but Need a Jump Start With Consumers
June 25, 2012: Still, many brands have jumped on the mobile-payments bandwagon. Adam Brotman, vice president and general manager of digital ventures for Starbucks, told eMarketer last year that the company has accumulated “more than three million payments made via mobile phones in the first nine weeks of [its mobile payments] program’s nationwide launch.” Read more.

Advertising Age – AOL Brings Devil Ads to Mobile Phones and Tablets
June 27, 2012: That statement also points to the fact that no one has yet nailed mobile advertising. There is money being made — the industry is expected to generate $2.6 billion in revenue this year, according to eMarketer — but there is also considerable debate about whether mobile advertising spend will ever match mobile usage. Read more.

Forbes – How Retailers Can Replicate the ‘Magic’ of the Apple Store… Online
June 26, 2012: Fashion & Apparel is the second largest category in online retail with estimated 2012 revenues of $41.0B and eMarketer projects it to be the fastest growing category for e-commerce by 2015 with an average annual growth rate of 17.3% reaching $64.8B. Read more.

Posted on July 13, 2012.