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eMarketer in the News: December 2012

The Wall Street Journal – U.S. Mobile-Ad Sales Expected to Nearly Triple This Year
December 17, 2012 – Advertisers are warming up to mobile advertising faster than expected, according to a new report released on Monday by eMarketer. Read more.

The Wall Street Journal – Americans Read More E-Books — But Maybe Not on E-Readers
December 27, 2012 – And a report from eMarketer suggests “2011 might prove to have been the high-water mark for ereaders. IHS iSuppli predicted continued declines, with worldwide shipments falling to just 7.1 million units by 2016.” Read more.

The Wall Street Journal – Facebook’s Wal-Mart Gambit
December 16, 2012 – “There are always going to be advertisers who want their own custom program. But realistically, a media company can’t customize for every single advertiser,” said Debra Williamson, an analyst at eMarketer. Read more.

The Wall Street Journal – UPS, FedEx Escalate Holiday Shipping War
December 13, 2012 – Online holiday sales are expected to increase about 16.8% this year versus last, according to eMarketer, compared to the 4.1% annual increase the National Retail Federation predicts this year for holiday retail sales. Read more.

The New York Times – Google Introduces a New Mobile Ad to Combat Fat Fingers
December 14, 2012 – Google has 55 percent market share in mobile ad revenue, and 95 percent for mobile search ads, according to eMarketer. But even though Google’s ad revenue continues to climb, the amount that advertisers pay for each click is falling, in part because there are more mobile ads that are worth less. Read more.

The New York Times – Facebook and Google Benefit From Mobile Ad Surge
December 17, 2012 – A research report by eMarketer found that advertisers’ spending on mobile ads grew much faster than previously estimated. This year, advertisers spent $4 billion on mobile ads in the United States, up from $1.45 billion last year. Investment firms and market researchers had thought this year’s mobile ad spending would be closer to $2 billion, according to eMarketer. Read more.

The New York Times – E-Reader Market Shrinks Faster Than Many Predicted
December 20, 2012 – Meanwhile, e-book readers are losing momentum. This year, worldwide shipments of e-book readers will fall to 14.9 million units from 23.2 million units last year — a 36 percent drop, according to estimates by IHS iSuppli. The research firm eMarketer noted these trends in a report published on Thursday. Read more.

Financial Times – Media: Dealing with Digital Darwinism
December 4, 2012 – Similar changes are happening in book publishing. Today, close to 20 per cent of the US adult population owns an ereader device, according to research firm eMarketer. This is continuing to rise and, by one estimate, ebooks will account for more than half of US publishing revenue by 2016. Read more.

Financial Times – Key Backing for Maker Online Studio
December 20, 2012 – While ad spending on online video is among the fastest growing categories in the advertising industry, it remains minuscule compared to traditional television. US ad spending on online video is expected to be $2.93bn in 2012 compared to the $64.54bn directed to television, according to research firm eMarketer. Read more.

Advertising Age – Yahoo Names Max Levchin Director as David Kenny and Brad Smith Exit Board
December 13, 2012 – As Yahoo’s fifth CEO in four years, Mayer is trying give the company credibility after management changes and lost advertising revenue, as users migrated to Google and Facebook. Yahoo’s share of display ads, including banners, will be 9.3% this year in the U.S., down from 11% last year, researcher eMarketer estimates. Read more.

Advertising Age – Facebook Predicted to Take in $339M in Mobile Ad Revenue This Year
December 17, 2012 – eMarketer has redone its mobile ad spending forecast and has some very good news for Facebook. The company is now projecting that Facebook will book $339.3 million in mobile ad revenue this year, $851.4 million in 2013, and $1.22 billion in 2014. Read more.

Reuters – Google, Facebook Drive Mobile Ad Market Growth: Report
December 17 2012 – Google Inc’s mobile ad revenue in the United States will be roughly $4 billion next year, while Facebook Inc’s nascent mobile advertising business will more than double, according to a new study by research firm eMarketer. Read more.

Reuters – Nielsen to Buy Arbitron, Forming TV, Radio Rating Giant
December 18, 2012 – Radio’s share of U.S. advertising spend is expected to decline to 9.3 percent this year from 9.6 percent in 2011, according to research firm eMarketer. Read more.

Marketplace – Are Mobile Ads Finally Bringing in the Bucks?
December 18, 2012 – “For many years, Facebook’s revenue came from ad products that were really designed for the desktop user,” eMarketer vice president Clark Fredrickson says. “Facebook developed an ad product that was seamless across devices.”

Read more.

Marketplace – Instagram Retreats from Policy Changes
December 21, 2012 – These reversals aren’t uncommon as tech companies tread new ground in trying to balance privacy concerns with the quest to make money, said Noah Elkin, an analyst at eMarketer. He adds, the reversals often come when users cry that the company has gone too far.

Read more.

Businessweek – Facebook Leads in U.S. Mobile-Dispay Ads, eMarketer Says
December 17, 2012 – Facebook Inc. (FB) will lead the mobile display-advertising market in the U.S. this year as total spending on ads for wireless devices rises almost threefold to more than $4 billion, eMarketer Inc. estimates. Read more.

Businessweek – Covering Tragedy: Newtown Tests Online News Policies
December 18, 2012 – This represents a tricky and growing challenge for news organizations. According to eMarketer, online video is the fastest growing category of Web ads; spending is expected to skyrocket from $2.93 billion in 2012 to $8.04 billion in 2016. Read more.

Bloomberg – Expedia Buying Stake in Travel Site Trivago for $628 Million
December 21, 2012 – Online-travel websites have been seeking revenue through acquisitions as more people book business trips and vacations on the Web. Internet travel sales may reach $151.9 billion by 2016 from $107.4 billion in 2011, according to eMarketer. Read more.

Bloomberg – Yahoo Names Max Levchin as Director as Kenny and Smith Exit
December 13, 2012 – Yahoo’s share of display ads, including banners, will be 9.3 percent this year in the U.S., down from 11 percent last year, researcher eMarketer estimates. Read more.

USA Today – Can a Troubled Zynga Reinvent Itself?
December 19, 2012 – “The problem they run into is Mark Pincus defines the problem as a data problem, and it’s a hit-driven business,” says eMarketer analyst Paul Verna. “I don’t think you can do that in a formulaic way.” Read more.

USA Today – Green Monday: Not Too Late for Free Shipping
December 10, 2012 – According to eMarketer, online holiday sales are forecast to climb 17% from last year. Almost $1 of every $10 of consumer discretionary spending is now online, ComScore says. Read more.

Agence France Presse – New Facebook, Twitter Ads Boost Mobile Revenues
December 17, 2012 – The eMarketer report said US mobile ad spending is growing more quickly than previously expected, helped by Facebook’s mobile newsfeed ads and Twitter’s Promoted Products. Read more.

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