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eMarketer: High Mobile Adoption Leading to Booming Digital Travel Sales in China and Across Asia-Pacific

China and Indonesia leading the region for growth

London, UK (December 22, 2015) — Digital travel sales in Asia-Pacific will rise by almost 20% to $139.12 billion in 2015, according to eMarketer’s latest forecast for digital travel sales around the world. This rapid growth, fueled by heavy activity within China, is set to continue, and Asia-Pacific will surpass Western Europe next year and North America in 2018, when it will become the largest digital travel sales market in the world.

As with retail ecommerce, China’s digital travel market once again leads the region thanks to a massive population, a rising middle class who enjoys traveling, and high levels of mobile adoption. In 2015, China will generate $65.85 billion worth of digital travel sales, representing yearly growth of 28%. Sales are set to rise to $131.30 billion in 2019.

eMarketer forecasting analyst Christopher Bendtsen commented, “Although China’s economy is slowing down, China’s total travel sales are expected to increase dramatically as the growing middle class find travel more affordable. Mobile booking’s rising popularity, combined with the success of online travel agencies, will fuel even more significant digital travel sales growth there. India and the major developing countries in Southeast Asia will witness similar trends. This creates huge opportunities in the digital travel space, and in particular, mobile.”

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Posted on December 22, 2015.