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Where We’re Headed: Looking at 2012—And Beyond

It’s been an exciting year at eMarketer so far. As we enter the fourth quarter, I wanted to share some of the improvements we’ve made to our coverage and platform over the past twelve months, and preview a few exciting things we’re working on for next year.

Expanding Coverage

In the past year, eMarketer has added an incredible amount of new coverage on key global markets, industries and platforms. Some notable facts:

  • eMarketer now covers more regions and global markets than ever before. We now offer data and insights on nearly every major market in the world, as well as expanded coverage of Asia-Pacific, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Western Europe and other key regions.
  • Similarly, our coverage of major vertical markets and platforms has grown rapidly. We continue to increase our coverage of industries such as automotive, consumer electronics, consumer packaged goods, financial services, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, media and entertainment, restaurants, retail and travel. eMarketer also continues to scale its coverage of mobile, social media, search, display, video, DSPs and other platforms, as their importance grows in the marketplace.
  • In order to meet your demands for knowledge across these industries and markets, eMarketer’s content team has grown rapidly. Our research group has doubled in size in the last year, while eMarketer has also hired interviewers, writers, analysts, editors, chart specialists and other key members, all dedicated to delivering quality information to clients using our team approach.
  • Similarly, eMarketer opened a London subsidiary in the summer of 2012 to act as a base for our United Kingdom and European operations. We are adding more dedicated coverage of the UK than ever before, and next year, eMarketer expects to quadruple its output of reports on trends in the region, in addition to new forecasts, articles, interviews and case studies on UK-focused topics.
  • Our forecasting team has more than doubled its output in the past year, adding forecasts on topics such as total, digital and mobile advertising spending, as well as ecommerce, online travel, mobile phone usage, smartphone usage and social network usage for major markets worldwide.
  • eMarketer has also increased the number of published interviews with industry leaders by more than 30% this year, and is on track to publish more interviews with CMOs and decision-makers than ever before.

And that’s not all. Our recently released Global Media Intelligence report is the most comprehensive compilation of data on ad spending, media usage, mobile behavior and other trends that we’ve ever created.

But coverage is only part of the story. It’s equally important that this information is easy to access and use. That’s why we have an entire product team focused on one simple idea: Convenience.

Platform Improvements

eMarketer has a proven track record of continually improving its delivery, making it easy for you to get the information you need—whether you’re at your desk, rushing to a meeting or on a flight.

Years ago we made our database of reports, charts, articles and other information easy to search and browse. Then we made our information easier to share, download and present. We allowed you to star your Favorites and save them for later in folders, or share them with colleagues. Then we created custom Alerts so you get notifications whenever we publish information on the topics you care most about. Two years ago, eMarketer launched its mobile application—allowing you to keep up with the digital landscape anytime, anywhere.

Earlier this year, eMarketer launched the latest version of its client website—and it was the fastest, most customized, relevant user experience we’ve ever provided. It allowed you to tailor eMarketer to your needs, as can the person sitting next to you and the person across the hall.

As eMarketer expands its coverage of verticals, we’ve also made it even easier for marketers in several industries to find information relevant to their business needs. For example, when you view the topic page for a specific industry on eMarketer, you can now browse by any of four key marketing objectives with our Marketing Insights feature:

  • Build brand awareness
  • Acquire new customers
  • Cultivate loyal customers
  • Measure marketing effectiveness

We have an exciting group of other product enhancements expected to roll out soon, including:

  • A new Digital World Atlas—providing you with better access to data on the countries you do business in
  • A beautiful, new iPad application for eMarketer reports
  • Further enhancements to personalized information delivery
  • Improved data visualization and comparative estimates

And that’s only next year. eMarketer will improve its coverage and platform as digital media, marketing and commerce grows more vital to our clients—you. The point is, we pay close attention to your needs, we appreciate your business, and we feel honored to serve the best minds in digital marketing and media worldwide.

Best Regards,

Lisa Church, President

Posted on October 2, 2012.