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eMarketer Co-Founder and CEO Releases Comprehensive Guide for Digital Marketers

“This masterpiece is the backbone for how brands should leverage online marketing for success.”

NEW YORK, NY (June 28, 2011)—eMarketer co-founder and CEO Geoff Ramsey and McCann Worldgroup EVP Vipin Mayar have released a new book for digital marketers and advertisers, Digital Impact: The Two Secrets to Online Marketing Success (9780470905722; July 2011; $24.95; Hardcover). The book, which arrives in stores today, provides a complete set of guidelines for mastering two crucial concepts: Performance Measurement and Magnetic Content.

With Secret No. 1, Performance Measurement, the authors reveal the seven most important metrics for digital marketing and apply them across all channels, including search marketing, email, social media, online video, mobile and display advertising. Secret No. 2, Magnetic Content, fleshes out approaches for creating marketing messages that naturally attract consumers.

The book evidences the authors’ combined 25 years of expertise in the digital world, detailing a bullet-proof game plan for executing effective online marketing, as well as a blueprint for integrating offline and online efforts.

DIGITAL IMPACT is authored by two of the most insightful, analytical and influential marketers of today—Ramsey and Mayar,” said Bob Liodice, CEO of the Association of National Advertisers. “This masterpiece is the backbone for how brands should leverage online marketing for success.”

As CEOs and CFOs of Fortune 1000 corporations demand a return on investment for the millions spent on online advertising and marketing, Ramsey and Mayar alleviate the pressure by helping marketers create messages that reach today’s fragmented consumers, while also providing a proven method for streamlining measurement and metrics across all digital channels.

“The authors identify what marketers must do in simple, easy to understand language that cuts through the clutter and gets the reader to that ‘aha moment,'” continued Liodice. “This is the real deal.”

Gone are the days when consumer audiences willingly accepted interruptions from advertisers in exchange for news and entertainment—when you could simply place an ad and assume that the money was well spent. Today, with new technologies and platforms constantly dividing their attention, consumers are harder to reach and engage than ever.

DIGITAL IMPACT answers the challenges online marketers face with digitally empowered consumers, including short attention spans, a plethora of choices and a stubborn resistance to advertising messages. Through actionable data, case studies and strategic insights from top-tier marketing professionals, readers will take away practical strategies for executing effective online marketing, as well as a blueprint for integrating offline and online efforts.

“Now is the time for this book…this is the definitive guide to creating engaging commercial content online,” said Nancy Hill, CEO of the 4A’s.

DIGITAL IMPACT provides game-changing tactics for achieving better bottom-line results, including:

  • The seven most important digital marketing metrics every marketer should know
  • How to calculate a return on investment for social media and other new-media initiatives
  • SEO and SEM tactics that can position any business for where search is headed
  • How to integrate offline and online marketing approaches for the best possible outcomes
  • How to build an excellent digital dashboard that will prove marketing’s worth to the C-suite

Written in an easy-to-read, approachable format, DIGITAL IMPACT presents provocative content along with practical, common-sense approaches that can be followed by any businessperson. The book allows marketers the ability to not only connect with and influence consumers in a digital world but ultimately make a bigger impact with a smaller budget.

Posted on June 28, 2011.    

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