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May 25, 2012: eMarketer in the News

The New York Times – Hey, How Did You Find That Place?
May 27, 2012: “Not everyone enjoys the big hunt for that little gem,” said Krista Garcia, an analyst at the research firm eMarketer, who notes that people are starting to prefer sites “where the experts are trusted tastemakers who save the consumer time.” Read more.

Reuters – Yahoo Under Levinsohn Seen Shifting to Content, Advertising
May 22, 2012: Though generic display advertising has lost favor to search-based ads and other more interactive formats, it still generated $12.4 billion in U.S. industry revenue last year and should produce $15.4 billion in 2012, according to eMarketer analyst David Hallerman. Read more.

Advertising Age – The Mobile Circus Is Coming to Cannes
May 24, 2012: Even though consumers the world over, from the south of France to the slums of Mumbai, have proved to be crazy for mobile devices, marketers aren’t yet spending freely there. eMarketer projects that U.S. ad spending in mobile will hit $2.6 billion this year, compared to $64.8 billion in TV, $39.5 billion online and $33.8 billion in print, even though U.S. consumers are already spending more time with their mobile devices than with newspapers or magazines. Read more.

Bloomberg – Facebook Tumbles Below IPO Price on Second Day Of Trading
May 21, 2012: Facebook, with more than 900 million users, is trying to attract more marketers to boost sales as competition increases. The company, the biggest provider of online display ads in the U.S., is set to lose the top spot to Google Inc. next year, according to eMarketer Inc. Read more.

Bloomberg – Facebook Analysts Who Shunned Herd Now Look Like Heroes
May 22, 2012: Facebook could make more money from charging advertisers when users click on a video or a song shared by a friend, or “like” a certain brand, he said. The company’s display- advertising growth surpassed that of any other website in 2011, soaring 52 percent, compared with Google Inc.’s 42 percent increase, according to research firm eMarketer Inc. Read more.

Forbes – Are Things Finally Looking Up for Yahoo?
May 21, 2012: Yahoo’s share of the all-important display advertising market just keeps falling, from 14% in 2010 to 10.8% last year, according to eMarketer. It’s still fundamentally a portal in a world that’s evolved beyond portals. Read more.

Los Angeles Times – Businesses Struggle to Turn Facebook Ads Into Higher Sales
May 25, 2012: “A lot of the major brands have taken a step back this year in terms of reassessing their [Facebook] spending,” said Debra Aho Williamson, an analyst at online ad metrics firm eMarketer Inc. “They spent a lot last year and may be taking a second look at the value of it this year.” Read more.

Los Angeles Times – Facebook Shares Fall 11% as Investors Question Revenue Prospects
May 22, 2012: Facebook, the biggest provider of online display ads in the U.S., may lose that perch to Google next year, according to research firm eMarketer. Read more.

Agence France-Presse – Yahoo! to Sell Stake in China’s Alibaba for $7.1 Billion
May 20, 2012: While the online advertising market is expected to grow 23.3 percent to $39.5 billion this year, Yahoo’s share of revenues will fall further to 7.4 percent, eMarketer forecast. Read more.

Posted on May 30, 2012.