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eMarketer Attention 2015

Early-bird tickets are on sale
October 27, 2015

The TimesCenter, New York, NY

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Research for Today's Digital World

We produce research using a uniquely rigorous process. But it's delivered to you in a refreshingly easy-to-use platform. So whether you need specific data or have
to get up to speed on a topic, turn to eMarketer first.

Who Uses eMarketer

Over 40,000 people, at more than 1,000 companies worldwide, who know that keeping pace with digital is a critical need for the success of their business

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    B. Bonin Bough

    Chief Media and eCommerce Officer

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    Kate Sirkin

    Executive Vice President and Global Research Director

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    Michael Donnelly

    Group Head, Global Digital Marketing at MasterCard

  • Erin Sills

    Director, Consumer Insights

Lead the Digital Transformation

It’s no longer sufficient for a few people in an organization to be savvy about the digital marketplace. Learn how to empower your teams with eMarketer enterprise access.

  • Micheael McLaren

    President of MRM

    I want everybody—from the most junior person to the most senior person—to have an informed point of view. I have an expectation that they’ve done their homework, and to meet that expectation, they need eMarketer access. My personal opinion, and I think our organizational opinion, is that those days of having one person in control of information are over.

  • Martha Rabin

    Senior Director at Visa

    By offering enterprise access to eMarketer, I am able to give my users across the organization faster access to research, data and knowledge that meets each individual’s needs.

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