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Recent Reports

In addition to revealing the latest findings from thousands of research sources, our reports offer expert opinions, projections, key takeaways and case studies providing go-to insights for determining strategies and initiatives. eMarketer will publish over 200 reports this year on the most relevant topics. Take a look at our most recently published reports.

Recently Published eMarketer Reports

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Month Published

US Hispanics' Mobile Usage: Relying on Smartphones as Core of Their Digital Lives

November 2015

While Hispanics were early adopters of smartphones, the US population in general has largely caught up in ownership of the devices. But a close look at the data shows smartphones still power an outsized share of Hispanics’ digital day.

US Mobile Payments Forecast: Driven by User Growth and Broader Acceptance, Transaction Value Will Triple in 2016

November 2015

With more consumers using their phones to pay for goods, eMarketer anticipates the value of US proximity mobile payments will triple in 2016, exceeding $27 billion. By 2019, US consumers will spend more than $210 billion from their mobile phones at the physical point of sale.

Canada Trends 2016: Marketer Mastery of Tech, and the Consumer Tastes That Make It Necessary

November 2015

Marketers in Canada are honing their understanding of how to apply new technologies to better engage consumers and their ever-shifting tastes. Here’s a look at the digital trends that marketers most need to know.

Mobile Messaging Apps: Global User Forecast, Leaderboard and Outlook on Monetization

November 2015

eMarketer estimates that 1.40 billion consumers worldwide will use a mobile messaging app in 2015, up 31.6% over last year. The race for revenue is about to heat up, with two global leaders and five monetization models in play.

US Connected TV Usage: Digital Content Gives the 'First Screen' New Life

November 2015

Thanks to a proliferation of content, devices and streaming services, connected TVs are increasingly mainstream, with over half of the US population expected to use them to access digital content in 2016. But the nuances of connected TV use are still evolving, with the devices used to access content different from what one might expect and viewing habits more similar to those of linear TV.

The Sharing Economy: How Uber and Other Upstarts Will Affect Retail

November 2015

The sharing economy has emerged over the past decade to challenge existing businesses. This report will look at its effect on the retail sector.

Western Europe Digital Ad Spending: Uneven Growth Across the Region

November 2015

In 2015, advertisers will spend an estimated $35.25 billion to reach consumers in Western Europe on digital platforms. Yet despite steady increases, digital ads will account for less than 28% of total ad spending in France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

Buy Buttons: Where Social Meets Mobile Commerce

November 2015

Buy buttons are a feature of social commerce’s latest iteration. The major social platforms are adding new retail-friendly products to push mobile users into purchase mode, but the question remains whether consumers will bite.

Running the Risk of Leaving US Boomers Behind: Marketers' Emphasis on Mobile Could Isolate This Not-So-Mobile Generation

October 2015

As digital media and marketing skew toward mobile devices, there’s reason to fear they’ll become increasingly disconnected from the not-so-mobile boomer generation and its still-potent purchasing power.

Global Ecommerce Platforms 2015: A Country-by-Country Look at the Top Retail Ecommerce Sites

October 2015

A look at the global ecommerce landscape reveals that although some US players have seen success overseas, individual markets show a great deal of variety in the platforms that are most in use.

UK Social Media Usage: Young Mobile Users Pioneer Uptake of Additional Platforms

October 2015

An increasing number of UK social network users are using more social media platforms than ever before. Younger age groups and mobile usage habits are driving much of this change, and savvy marketers are keeping ahead of the curve by experimenting with newer platforms.

Digital Ad Spending Benchmarks in Peru: A Conservative Market Slowly Coming to Digital Life

October 2015

Although economic and geographic factors will probably keep Peru’s overall internet uptake lower than any of its neighbors in Latin America in the foreseeable future, mobile internet is one likely bright spot in the near term, for advertisers as well as consumers.

Digital Ad Spending Benchmarks in Chile: Consumers Far Ahead of Marketers in Digital Uptake

October 2015

Consumers in Chile are some of the most digital in Latin America, but marketers there still have some ways to go before moving decisively into web advertising. Look for digital ad spending in Chile to increase in the next 36 months, as its possibilities become clearer.

Digital Ad Spending Benchmarks in Brazil: A Regional Powerhouse Challenged by the World Downturn

October 2015

Though Brazil is a regional leader by virtue of its huge size and population, economic issues are likely to slow digital ad spending growth in the near term. Still, the country’s digital economy does have its share of bright patches, especially when it comes to mobile growth.

Digital Ad Spending Benchmarks in Argentina: Amid Difficult Times, Advertisers Embrace Digital Media

October 2015

Although high inflation and unemployment have greatly slowed its economy, Argentina remains poised for great growth in digital ad spending over the next several years. This includes mobile, which has noticeably lagged compared with elsewhere in Latin America.

Digital Ad Spending Benchmarks in Colombia: A Rising Digital Consumer Base Slowly Draws Advertisers to the Web

October 2015

After nearly a decade of steady economic growth, Colombia finds itself with an increasingly digital populace—and an ad industry that is just beginning to catch up.

Digital Ad Spending Benchmarks in Mexico: A Conservative Advertising Market Embraces Digital and Mobile Ads

October 2015

The second-largest market in Latin America, digital ad spending in Mexico is set for steady growth through eMarketer’s forecast period, while traditional media, especially TV, will more than hold its own.

Digital Ad Spending Benchmarks in Latin America: Executive Summary

October 2015

For this forecast of digital ad spending from 2015 to 2019, eMarketer looks at the six largest economies in Latin America: Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Chile and Peru.

Social Advertising Effectiveness Scorecard: Industry Execs Grade the Leading Platforms

October 2015

How effective is paid social media advertising? Overall, agency and marketer executives give it a B, suggesting there is room for improvement. But grades for some properties are much higher than for others.

US Digital Out-of-Home Advertising: Spending Forecast, Trends and Four Ways to Make the Most of the Medium

October 2015

As video screens proliferate throughout public spaces, digital out-of-home ads aim to capture the remaining fleeting moments of unoccupied consumer attention. More than 40% of all out-of-home advertising in the US will be spent on digital platforms in 2015.

Canada Programmatic Advertising Forecast 2015: Massive Spending Increases Expected, but Growing Pains Persist

October 2015

Programmatic advertising will become the primary avenue for digital display advertising in Canada over the coming years. But the obstacles that stalled early adoption remain, and must be addressed to gain advertiser and publisher confidence.

Programmatic Advertising 2015: Executive Summary

October 2015

This package of reports examines the latest programmatic advertising developments in four areas: mobile, video, TV and native. Our programmatic ad spending forecast breaks down investment estimates by transaction type, format and device, showing likely trends over the next 24 months.

Programmatic Native Advertising: In-Feed Ads Will Dominate in the Near Term

October 2015

Advertisers see promise in using programmatic to bring automation, audience data and ad creative capabilities to native advertising, which until recently has been mainly known for its lack of standardization. It is still early days for native programmatic, but one ad type—in-feed ads—will expand quickly.

Programmatic TV Advertising: Bringing Data-Driven Audience Buying to the 'First Screen'

October 2015

Programmatic advertising’s migration to the “first screen” is just beginning, with only a suggestion of its full possibilities. For most stakeholders, the real value of programmatic is the ability to use greater audience data insights to nab addressable TV ads and improve the planning of linear TV ad buys.

Programmatic Video Advertising: Poised for Rapid Growth Despite 'Premium' Holdouts

October 2015

Advertisers are keen on programmatic for video advertising, yet programmatic ad dollars will account for only 39% of total US video ad spending this year. Better ad quality and a wider embrace of a “video everywhere” mentality are expected to unlock additional dollars in the next several years.

Mobile Programmatic Advertising: Grabbing the Vast Majority of US Display Ad Dollars by 2017

October 2015

By 2017, mobile programmatic advertising will account for $20.45 billion, or 78.0% of all US mobile display ad spending. Drivers of growth include greater brand adoption, contributions from players like Facebook and Google, and improvements to cross-device technologies.

US Programmatic Ad Spending: eMarketer's Forecast for 2015 and Beyond

October 2015

Programmatic buying is on track to make up 59.0% of the total US digital display advertising pie this year, or $15.43 billion. That’s up over $5 billion from 2014, when it accounted for $10.32 billion.

US Time Spent With Media: eMarketer's Updated Estimates for Fall 2015

October 2015

With the aim of providing a richer toolset for planning and budgeting, eMarketer has expanded the scope of its time spent with media estimates. Previous estimates only went as far as the current year. In this new forecast package, estimates are extended two years, through 2017.

Q3 2015 State of Video: Monetization, Audience, Platforms and Content

October 2015

In Q3 2015, US digital video ad spending continued to grow, as did the amount of time spent on content, in particular via YouTube, Netflix and Amazon, as well as other ad-supported and subscription-based streaming platforms.