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An Interview with Taylor Schreiner

Vice President of Research at TubeMogul

July 21, 2015 Download PDF

Taylor Schreiner has more than a decade of experience in online and offline marketing measurement. He works with quantitative data and qualitative research to gain valuable insights for clients. His current focus is on helping advertisers and agencies understand where programmatic video fits into their media strategy. Prior to TubeMogul, he led research efforts at Yahoo, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Can you tell us a little about your role and how it fits into the organization?

Taylor Schreiner: I run a three-person research team at TubeMogul. We help marketers and agencies understand and unlock the potential of programmatic brand advertising. It’s an amazing job because TubeMogul has such deep and broad access to data. There are oodles of insights at our fingertips, and they are all useful and actionable for marketers and agencies. From mobile to social to programmatic TV, there’s a rich world of opportunity that we’re just beginning to explore.

Why did your company choose to expand eMarketer access?

Schreiner: Being a relatively small company, the pricing made sense, but it was also clear that placing this capability in the hands of not only salespeople but also in the hands of product people, and occasionally in the hands of our legal team to look up facts and figures, was going to be really valuable.

As I told our salesperson, eMarketer is cheaper than a new hire. Placing eMarketer in the hands of product and salespeople and even the executive team can save the research team huge amounts of time. We can’t afford layers of people standing between our clients and insights. You have to put insights into the hands of the people who are asking the questions.

eMarketer pays for itself because we’re not hiring another analyst to do this work, and it’s speeding up delivery of insight to our clients, which is good for us.

How does offering this type of access to eMarketer align with your business objectives?

Schreiner: Having eMarketer at everyone’s fingertips means that we can meet and exceed client expectations without taking on the kinds of organizational layers that we don’t want or think we need. We had a seat or two in research for a year, and that definitely helped communicate the basic value of the service.

Our CMO Keith Eadie was really responsible for expanding the subscription at TubeMogul. I see eMarketer as kind of a crutch—it’s just something I need coming in the door.

eMarketer keeps us lean and competitive. As a software company, we need to deliver to our clients with speed and efficiency. Having eMarketer in the hands of the people who serve our customers helps us do that.

How did you roll out enterprise access to eMarketer?

Schreiner: TubeMogul is all about getting [stuff] done. One email and occasional nudges from my team were enough to get the rest of the company logging in to eMarketer. Once that happened, eMarketer followed up with regular and very helpful trainings.

We pushed it out to people who immediately saw value, and that created a lot of engagement. Then it was rolled out to salespeople and the legal team.

What benefits are you seeing as a result of enterprise access to eMarketer?

Schreiner: Enterprise access helps us make insights part of TubeMogul’s DNA, not just a functional group. That’s a differentiator.

In research, you don’t always know what you don’t know. I see that people—especially outside of the research team—were consistently underestimating what it’s possible to know.

When salespeople are familiar enough with the capability to say, “Maybe I wouldn’t have asked before whether we can know how quickly over-the-top television consumption is growing in Asia—but I probably could have. And in fact, it’s only going to take me about 2 minutes to find out whether I can or can’t know that fact really quickly.” That will change the way they think about how they ground their conversations and their thoughts in research. That really makes a difference in terms of the way people think about their job and think about how data drives their job.

In my mind, the question is, “Are we willing to go out there and be embarrassed by not knowing the information that somebody else knows because they have a subscription to eMarketer?”

We have to be at least as smart as the next guy who’s also got an eMarketer subscription.

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Taylor Schreiner

On eMarketer:

“eMarketer pays for itself because we’re not hiring another analyst to do this work.”


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