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An Interview with Karen DiClemente

Director of Strategy

As Directory of Strategy, Karen oversees a team that develops comprehensive email program strategies for our clients. She provides tactical and measurable recommendations on topics that include creative, deliverability, list hygiene, segmentation and content.

What are your business priorities over the next 12 months? 

DiClemente: Our priority is to help our retail clients manage the sheer volume of data they have at their fingertips and turn it into actionable insights. We will continue to encourage integrating technologies such as artificial intelligence and CRM into their marketing strategies; it will save time and resources, provide increasingly targeted one-to-one experiences, and ultimately build and strengthen those customer relationships.

What are your biggest challenges today for your business, and in the overall digital media landscape?

DiClemente: In the retail world, we’re in an era where creating and maintaining strong customer relationships and loyalty are being constantly challenged. Add to that the sheer volume of data being generated daily across channels and touchpoints. Customers are shopping anywhere and anytime on any number of devices – and they expect a personalized, consistent experience... however, there are solutions, which I alluded to in the last question.

How does eMarketer help your business overcome these challenges?

DiClemente: eMarketer provides our team with reputable industry knowledge, both internally and externally. We often use eMarketer research to inform strategy recommendations to our clients and to stay up-to-date on industry and vertical trends.

Can you talk about how your company’s eMarketer access came about?

DiClemente: Listrak has enjoyed a long, positive history with eMarketer, both as a research portal and as an outlet to share our own proprietary research. We recently partnered with eMarketer for a very successful webinar on artificial intelligence, and were directed to check out eMarketer PRO. When comparing it against other resources, eMarketer PRO offered options that other research portals did not – including frequent updates, unlimited seats and timely, relevant information that was applicable to our industry.

How does eMarketer compare to other resources?

DiClemente: eMarketer covers a large array of verticals and topics. Using the search function makes it very easy to find relevant reports and articles. The infographics in reports are especially useful in content and presentation creation.

Can you walk me though a specific use-case where eMarketer has helped you? 

DiClemente: Our team recently used eMarketer for internal training. We work with a variety of retailers and it is imperative that we stay current on how industries and verticals are trending. . In this training, we looked at the growing percent of digital buyers and buyers by age to inform ecommerce strategies for our clients.

What value does eMarketer represent to a business like yours?

DiClemente: We provide strategy and campaign recommendations to our clients, so it is important to stay up-to-date on industry trends and research. eMarketer is easy to navigate and has quickly digestible information that we can present both internally and externally.

How do you make a case for eMarketer?

DiClemente: eMarketer has been an incredible asset when it comes to helping us understand what’s happening in the industry, with our clients, and with their audiences. We pass along the research to our clients to make a case for new strategies and campaigns.

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Karen DiClemente

On eMarketer:

“We use eMarketer research to inform strategy recommendations to our clients and to stay up-to-date on industry and vertical trends.”


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