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An Interview with Juan Carlos Guerrero Santana

Former Head of Market Intelligence at Telcel

Juan Carlos Guerrero Santana analyzes digital media, ecommerce and smartphone trends, as well as financial and marketing issues, for Telcel’s wireless unit América Móvil. As competition heats up in Mexico’s wireless market, Guerrero Santana relies on eMarketer to help him understand the quickening pace of change taking place there. He’s also tasked with helping colleagues analyze trends in streaming video and music, ecommerce and social media as Telcel looks to expand into these areas.

(Editor’s note: Juan Carlos Guerrero Santana was interviewed by eMarketer on May 17, 2013; he was named Manager of Market Intelligence at Brightstar Corp. in March 2014).

What are the biggest challenges facing your business today?

Juan Carlos Guerrero Santana: We have a lot of challenges. We are trying to get into other markets—television and broadband, for example. We are not accustomed to selling those kinds of services. The market here is changing a lot, so we have to continue to give very good service to our customers but also to give them different products and services. We also have the challenge of making consumers aware of our new products and services.

The digital world is changing. Business is changing. Industries are changing. We have to understand everything about the digital world: about ecommerce, social media and streaming media. We need a lot of information to understand these markets. Entertainment for mobile phones is going to be very complicated, so we have to be ready to offer the right applications to our customers, and they need to be satisfied with our service.

We analyze a lot of information—financial, market, digital and customer satisfaction information. The challenge that we have is to get all of this information into an actionable state. So there may be one, two or three messages that we can give to our internal clients that help them understand everything they need to know about launching a streaming music service, for example. I have to provide valuable information in each area that they ask for.

We have about 70% market penetration in Mexico, but with new competition this may change. So we have to maintain very good customer service for our clients.

How does eMarketer intelligence help you?

Guerrero Santana: Sometimes my colleagues across the company ask for a chart or a number and maybe we don’t have that information. But with eMarketer, you can get valuable information in seconds. You get into the database, and you begin searching for the information that colleagues ask for, and you can find it. For us, eMarketer is a good tool because we get very useful information as fast as we can.

Can you offer an example of a piece of intelligence that you needed to provide to one of your colleagues?

Guerrero Santana: We needed information on smartphone penetration around the world. I could find in-depth information on fixed penetration, mobile penetration and internet penetration that was very useful for us.

Sometimes eMarketer has information that’s not related to our business, but it’s very useful for us to understand these market trends. Take video game advertising, for example. We’re also interested in value-added services like ring tones. It’s very difficult to get some market information, but eMarketer has it and it’s useful to us as we research what’s happening in other industries. That kind of intelligence makes us think, “Well this industry is doing something, or it offers these products and services, maybe we should explore them too.”

It’s very useful for us to look at other industries besides our own in the eMarketer database to see what they’re doing with value-added services and how they’re marketing.

What’s the best thing about eMarketer?

The client service is very good. The tool is very easy to navigate, and you get the information very quickly. You can download the information into a PowerPoint file very quickly and share it. For example, my marketing director asked me for something about business-to-consumer ecommerce. She created a presentation with the information and shared it with the CEO.

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