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An Interview with Lorraine Taylor

CRM Digital Manager at Mead Johnson Nutrition, Canada

Lorraine Taylor manages the strategy and execution of customer direct mailings, standard and mobile websites, email campaigns and brand launches. She has led award-winning integrated digital campaigns for Mead Johnson’s Enfamil® infant formula brand, launched a video channel, established user-generated sites and overhauled the company’s standard website,

What is your role at Mead?

Lorraine Taylor: I look after digital and CRM programs and strategies related to Canada’s marketplace. We have a CRM program specifically targeted to moms-to-be and new moms called Enfamil Family Beginnings®. This program reaches out to moms at the right time—either just before or just after they have their baby—when our content can be of most value to them. We send them timely information, coupons and product samples. I also manage all of our digital properties, including our standard and mobile websites, as well as digital launch campaigns.

How is your role evolving?

Taylor: We run our standard and mobile websites separately right now. But based on the amount of traffic on the two sites, our strategies are shifting, and we are focusing more on mobile moms. If you observe what’s happening inside any retail store, you’ll see moms searching for information on their devices while they’re shopping.

I’d like to deliver contextually targeted content to moms at exactly the right time. We use a lot of the data from eMarketer to help us define trends with respect to mobile moms. The great thing is that you have Canada-specific content—Canadians are actually great consumers of digital media, video and mobile.

What are your key business priorities?

Taylor: Video content is huge for us. We launched a video series on our website called Enfamil Amazing Milestones that chronicles the life of a mom-to-be as she’s going to doctor visits, meeting with specialists, learning about various aspects of her pregnancy and, ultimately, the birth. It’s a great tool that provides moms with 3-minute snippets of information. We’re expanding the series to include even more topics about pregnancy.

Curation and distribution of our video content are also key priorities. Getting moms to watch the videos on YouTube and other social media sites is important. Our video concept isn’t specifically about buying Enfamil infant formula, it’s about topics related to new moms or moms-to-be. By viewing the videos, they’re learning about topics of interest to them.

We use eMarketer to validate our video concept, particularly to support video consumption trends in Canada. We look to eMarketer to understand where Canadians are consuming the most video, how they’re consuming it and what time of day they’re consuming it. Using this insight, we hope to get more viewers for our video series.

How do you use eMarketer intelligence to inform your thinking and business plans?

Taylor: We use our existing analysis to define our digital strategies and look to eMarketer to confirm that analysis. So, we might have a hypothesis about where we think the market is leaning, and we use eMarketer to confirm it.

We’re always referencing reports, charts and other data and incorporating that minefield of information into our presentations to defend our points and support recommendations for a specific strategy we’re considering.

eMarketer makes it easy to look up reports and stats to learn what the latest trends are. We use eMarketer to define our target audience and to find out what kind of videos they’re watching and what they’re doing on social media.

Understanding the percentage of Canadian moms who have a mobile phone and how they use them is the fuel I need to be able to develop strategies that are specific to moms using devices. Referencing stats also helps keep us in check when we go back and measure how we’re doing against the market trends.

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Lorraine Taylor

On eMarketer:

“We use eMarketer to define our target audience and to find out what kind of videos they’re watching and what they’re doing on social media.”


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