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An Interview with Kyra Harmanos

Associate Director of Strategy at Lavidge

July 30, 2015 Download PDF

Kyra Harmanos is part of Lavidge’s strategy team, which was developed to explore, create, communicate, execute and sustain strategic initiatives with new business, key clients and the agency overall. Her role involves analyzing the competitive landscape, consumer behavior and industry research. She also identifies new opportunities, sets long-range goals for clients, manages analytics efforts, measures promotional performance and is involved in the media planning process on behalf of clients.

Can you tell me a little about your role and how it fits into the organization?

Kyra Harmanos: My strategy team assists our current client and new business teams with insights about a client’s industry, demographic info, media trends within the industry, and so forth—anything that leads us to who they should target, how and why. We consider ourselves partners to our clients, so we need to know what’s going on in their industries, how media affects them and how their target demographic is using media. All of those things help us become smarter about what we do for our clients and our recommendations to them.

What are you working on that’s been exciting to you?

Harmanos: We’re gearing up for planning and are looking at a lot of our clients and determining how their target audience has changed, including how and where we’re reaching them. We’re looking to see whether it’s a sudden change or a shift over time. We’re analyzing plans and determining what traditional or digital media should be used and whether we’re targeting people in the right places. Our clients include QSRs (quick-service restaurants), franchisees, healthcare and insurance providers.

Why did your company choose to expand access to eMarketer to everyone in the company?

Harmanos: It’s a great tool—there’s so much data that we can use for whatever we’re working on. I would say our media and account service departments probably use eMarketer the most.

But we felt that the information in the database could be useful across all of our departments including PR and new business. Since we’re such a small strategy team, it seemed more efficient to allow everyone access so they can gather info related to their specific work and clients in real time.

How does offering enterprise access to eMarketer align with corporate objectives?

Harmanos: It goes back to what I said earlier: We’re trying to be business partners for our clients and understand what’s going on within the different industries that our clients are a part of. The more that we can stay on top or ahead of trends, the easier it will be for us to see what’s a fad and what isn’t. It offers us strategic insight so we can do better planning for our clients across all media and make more meaningful recommendations to them.

How did you roll out enterprise access to eMarketer?

Harmanos: I set up about four 30-minute training sessions with an eMarketer account manager for the PR, media, account service and new business teams. We felt it was a prudent way to go since the PR team might use eMarketer a little differently than the media team. The same for new business and account service. I wanted each team to see which features would benefit them the most. Two additional sessions were also set up for people who couldn’t make the scheduled sessions. Plus, I made sure that if someone couldn’t find what they were looking for or needed a refresher, they could reach out to the account rep directly or me.

What do you use on eMarketer?

Harmanos: I use a little of everything. It’s great that there are consistent updates and none of the research is dated. I know that eMarketer is on top of the big topics—millennials, media usage and programmatic media—and they are updated frequently. And I love that I can file away articles for later reference.

What benefits are you seeing as a result of enterprise access to eMarketer?

Harmanos: We’re becoming a little bit smarter and more efficient. We receive the alerts and updates on reports and forecasts that are being published so we are on top of the trends so that it takes us less time to get the answers when we need them. I think eMarketer helps us build stronger media plans and recommendations for our clients and new business teams.

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Kyra Harmanos

On eMarketer:

“I know that eMarketer is on top of the big topics—millennials, media usage and programmatic media—and they are updated frequently. ”


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