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An Interview with Paul Iagnocco

Senior Director, Global Digital Enablement at Kellogg Company

As senior director of global digital enablement at Kellogg Co., Paul Iagnocco is responsible for leading the integration of marketing capabilities and equity protection services worldwide. In this role, he facilitates close relationships with the legal and regulatory compliance team, as well as the information technology and marketing organizations, ensuring that the necessary compliance and technologies are employed to enable brand-building initiatives. Prior to this role, he served as Kellogg’s senior director for global digital operations, director for global digital strategy and director of ebusiness, where he was responsible for launching ecommerce initiatives.

Can you explain your role?

Paul Iagnocco: As a member of our CMO’s leadership team, opportunities to leverage technology in marketing are always surfacing. Working with the digital marketing IT (DMIT) team, we shape these marketing needs and requirements. DMIT then helps us identify the best technological solution to meet our needs. Once the technology has been identified and implemented by DMIT, my team takes the new capability and scales it for global application.

Moreover, we drive adoption of enterprise capabilities, focusing on increasing marketing effectiveness and greater efficiencies for the global marketing organization.

What are your biggest challenges?

Iagnocco: Identifying the next technology to affect marketing and being ruthless in prioritizing. When you look at the world of technology and the marketing capabilities surfacing every day, staying focused and not chasing every new “shiny” object is critical.

How does eMarketer help you with those challenges?

Iagnocco: eMarketer helps me identify common trends or consumer behaviors that will affect our business. Take ecommerce and whether we should be fully engaged today, or if we simply need to keep it in line of sight until it matures in the grocery category. Do I need to be on the early part of that bell curve of adoption, or can I wait? Therefore, it is an invaluable resource in priority planning.

We leverage eMarketer to identify trends, graphics, articles or anecdotal content to strengthen our presentations to senior management, especially the CMO and CIO. eMarketer intelligence helps me plot strategy and find support for developing new capabilities and functions at Kellogg.

Your role touches a variety of functions and organizations within Kellogg. How are you using eMarketer to help support various initiatives?

Iagnocco: We scale new marketing capabilities globally. However, technology growth and penetration differ by marketplace. We find eMarketer’s Digital World Atlas to be a great resource in helping our team determine to what extent we drive a specific capability within a given market.

For example, perhaps we are looking at implementing a web-based workflow. We need to understand end-user behavior as well as the technological landscape. The Digital World Atlas provides quick information that helps us think through a holistic rollout plan. With it, we better understand, for example, how our teams in Korea would access this content via smartphone. What about in South Africa where broadband is limited and we need to ensure that accessibility can be achieved in some way outside of smartphones?

Is eMarketer intelligence helping you plot your strategy?

Iagnocco: Globally, eMarketer is helping us plot capabilities and strategy, providing invaluable intelligence and signposts. We use the Digital World Atlas to learn about mobile device penetration in various markets around the world as we try to understand what our colleagues in those markets want or need in terms of building desktop or mobile sites, and what’s different than in the US. For example, the Atlas would provide us with insights as we consider extending a mobile web capability outside the US.

By consolidating the trend data and putting it at our fingertips, especially with the powerful new iPad application, eMarketer offers invaluable intelligence for identifying new capabilities in the Kellogg world. eMarketer provides me with the intelligence I need to be effective today and to be ready for a changing marketplace tomorrow.

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"eMarketer provides me with the intelligence I need to be effective today and to be ready for a changing marketplace tomorrow."


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