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An Interview with Jason Rowe

Former Senior Brand Strategist at Geary LSF

July 31, 2015 Download PDF

Jason Rowe specializes in brand positioning, communication strategy, program development, and digital and integrated marketing communications. As an integrated full-service digital marketing agency, Geary LSF focuses on omnichannel strategies for its clients, many of which are in the tech, healthcare, consumer packaged goods and ecommerce sectors. Prior to spending a decade in traditional media and creative strategy at CBS, Clear Channel and Gannett, Rowe was an award-winning documentary filmmaker.

Can you tell me a little about your role and how it fits into the organization?

Jason Rowe: As senior brand strategist, my role is to know the voice of the consumer and provide attitudinal insight and ideation for existing and prospective clients. My role is very fluid and dynamic.

The strategy division of Geary LSF serves as a hub between our sales, client services, creative and production divisions as well as the media teams across paid, owned and earned. We offer brand messaging, tactical guidance, consumer insights and creative ideation. I also do omnichannel media buying if we have a client that wants that.

What are you working on that’s exciting to you?

Rowe: As an agency, we’ve been embracing the integrated omnichannel approach. We’re making a concerted effort to make ourselves our own best case study. So we are applying everything that we do for clients to our own agency. We’re excited about taking it to the next level.

It’s always exciting when clients and prospects understand the need for integrated strategy in today’s marketplace and when they want to be wowed with messaging concepts that set them apart.

Why did your company choose to expand access to eMarketer?

Rowe: It just made sense to get everyone on the same page, have the same focus and message, and have a tool that everybody can access. It’s part of our efforts as far as client services go to take a more active role in service expansion. Not just account management, but also identifying ways that we can continue to improve. If account management’s job is to make sure that the client’s account is as good as it should be, and we are an omnichannel integrated agency, then having access to eMarketer empowers the team to be able to look at the latest trends and “state of” reports to glean information and use them to build rapport, authority and trust to deepen our relationships with existing clients.

How does offering this type of access to eMarketer align with your business objectives of being a truly omnichannel agency?

Rowe: As a digital integrated marketing agency providing full-service, omnichannel solutions, each team member is a proven strategy, sales, project management, media planning and creative professional regardless of which team they serve on. The data-driven trends and insights in eMarketer assist Geary LSF in turning digital ambitions into business results.

It’s also helped us save time. Being able to have one source that has all the data coming from different areas saves us from having to go out, research all of that data ourselves and create the graphics. I think it makes us more efficient. And the fact that eMarketer is drawing data from so many trusted, credible sources, compiling the information, and contextualizing it.

How did you roll out enterprise access to eMarketer?

Rowe: We provided login credentials to everyone from the start and encouraged each team member to get their feet wet and play around in eMarketer. We rolled out training by teams across multiple offices (San Francisco, San Diego, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia and St. Louis). When I came in and stepped into my role in client services, eMarketer was one of the first research sources I reached out to. I started the process and coordinated the communications. And then as soon as we had it, we rolled out access to all employees. We knocked out training in less than two weeks.

What benefits are you seeing as a result of enterprise access to eMarketer?

Rowe: The benefits are improved internal communications and brainstorming, because I have more people who are taking the initiative and using it. One example is that I was able to pull a company profile from the database as well as supporting data from other reports on the grocery industry for a previous client that we were looking to win back.

Being able to pull that information from eMarketer, share it with a colleague on the east coast and knowing that he and his team were going to be speaking to the prospect within a relatively short period of time, I was able to provide some good talking points. And now we’re moving ahead with the client.

The goal is to have people log in every day. eMarketer is helping them work smarter. It gives us inspiration.

It’s been a great tool for sharing. We’re building muscle memory and getting people to understand what they can find in the database. We’re using eMarketer to help inspire one another for what we want to do. The reports are really robust. The company database is useful for prospecting and being able to understand what’s going on with our clients’ competitors.

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Jason Rowe

On eMarketer:

“The data-driven trends and insights in eMarketer assist Geary LSF in turning digital ambitions into business results.”


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