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An Interview with Kristin Shamberg

Vice President of Media Sciences

Kristin Shamberg has been with Centro for 12 years and currently leads the Media Sciences department. The Media Sciences team creates strategy tools to maximize the performance of client campaigns by enhancing decision-making in the media planning process. The team also provides insights based on syndicated and proprietary media research data. Throughout Kristin’s career at Centro, she has been heavily involved in research and strategy, but also joined the Software division in a product management function for 2 years. Prior to Centro, Kristin spent 5 years at NSA Media (IPG print agency) working with the consulting team, analysis team and special projects team.

Can you talk a little about your role as VP of Media Sciences at Centro?

Kristin Shamberg: Sure. To give you some background on what we do at Centro, we utilize an internally-built software system called Basis that allows us to manage campaigns for clients who either don’t want to manage the campaigns themselves or don’t have the resources to do so.

As far as my role as the vice president of media sciences and how it fits in with Centro, the group bridges the gap between all of the data being captured in Basis and all of the data that’s available via syndication or in third-party tools in the market place. Media sciences supports the managed service portion of Centro, and that’s what makes us different from other ad tech organizations: we’re able to glean insights from Basis and then weave in insights from third parties to craft a powerful story.

What are your business priorities over the next 12 months? 

Shamberg: Like I mentioned, we utilize Basis to consolidate tools for advertisers in one place. This equips media teams who use Basis with the right data and insights to become more strategic consultants for their clients. Centro's main priority is to add more features and tools to our software in order to empower those media teams.

My team also fits into another of the organization’s big priorities, which is to utilize the data from Basis to build unique best practices, insights and even internal tools that will differentiate our management services team from other ad tech competitors’ teams.

What's the biggest challenge for you, your team or your business?

Shamberg: The complexity of the digital media landscape right now means that teams are using more disparate platforms and tactics to execute campaigns for themselves or their clients. This adds to the mounting pressure on agencies and marketers to increase their efficiency and show real effectiveness. We’ve seen others in the industry cobble together incomplete or ill-fitting products, and it's preventing their digital media organizations from realizing better performance.

How does eMarketer help you address those challenges?

Shamberg: The complexity of the digital media landscape that I just described affects my own and my team’s professional knowledge, so eMarketer provides an objective perspective of the industry, consumers and trends that’s really useful. At Centro, we follow a data-driven planning framework that every media strategy goes through. We use eMarketer heavily in the first steps of our planning process to help define the challenges our clients are facing. This first step is a really research-heavy step, and eMarketer provides great information on a variety of topics like the greater media landscape, consumer insights, media consumption and industry trends.

Can you tell me a little about how Centro's relationship with eMarketer began?

Shamberg: I believe we became a customer in 2011, when we began using eMarketer with just a few licenses for the media sciences team. After a year or two, we turned it into an enterprise relationship because we wanted everyone in the company to have access to the great reports, data and charts that eMarketer provides. We appreciate the way eMarketer gathers information from different sources; all of this objective data gives the analysis a unique perspective. We take that data and combine it with our own internal benchmarks and data to tell a complete story.

Can you walk me though a specific use-case where eMarketer has helped you? 

Shamberg: An example that comes to mind immediately is from a few months ago, when we were working with a major financial client who needed some last-minute help identifying financial benchmarks to measure their next campaign. Because we needed to provide it to them quickly, we used eMarketer to gather a detailed list of benchmarks and then paired that with our own benchmarks to provide a comprehensive recommendation for our client to utilize. They were very pleased with the speed, as well as the rich amount of data and insights that we provided to them.

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Kristin Shamberg

On eMarketer:

“We use eMarketer heavily in the first steps of our planning process to help define the challenges our clients are facing.”


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