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An Interview with Marie Svet

Chief Revenue Officer at AccuWeather

December 3, 2014 Download PDF

Marie Svet joined AccuWeather in 2010 as the Vice President of Yield Management and Ad Operations. She was promoted to senior vice president of ad revenue in 2012 and subsequently to chief revenue officer. Svet’s media sales background encompasses television ad sales, affiliate and digital media sales. Prior to joining AccuWeather, she worked at RHI Entertainment where she spearheaded the company’s ad sales pricing and inventory efforts. In that role, she served as the key point of contact with the ad sales team, determining yield, revenue maximization and liability management. Svet has also led digital and TV initiatives at Nickelodeon Networks, World Wrestling Entertainment, The and USA Networks.

Can you describe your role at AccuWeather?

Marie Svet: I lead the monetization strategy across the global digital media portfolio. My goal is to maximize revenue from all of our products as efficiently as possible.

What are your key business priorities over the next year to 18 months and what are you working on?

Svet: We have a lot of priorities. One is establishing AccuWeather as an innovative leader within emerging business. I’m personally working with our product and marketing teams to look at innovative ways to engage not only our users, but our advertisers, to meet their needs and demands.

My main focus comes down to monetizing globally. Right now in digital media we’re focusing on growing revenue to keep pace with our growing global user base. That, and innovation are probably our biggest priorities.

What are the fastest growing markets for AccuWeather?

Svet: The EU-5 is huge (Germany and UK are big standouts in that market). China. Asia in general, is a very big market for us.

What are the biggest challenges for your business right now?

Svet: As a global leader in digital weather information, we want to remain on the forefront of digital innovation, providing clear and accurate weather forecasts and information that improves people’s lives across platforms in the most compelling and relevant ways. This requires a robust understanding of consumer and digital insights, behaviors and trends in real time, across functions and roles.

How does eMarketer help your business meet those challenges?

Svet: eMarketer provides the insights and trends that help us make informed decisions and design our strategy. There’s no lag with eMarketer—it just always seems to be right there in the know. For example, programmatic sales is a huge trend in the digital industry and I have been defending this strategy for several years. Recently there was a forecast that popped up on programmatic ad spending in 2014 and what it was going to be in 2015 and 2016. I took that information, and used it as the basis for my 2015 strategy, which I presented to the entire executive team. eMarketer verifies what I’m already seeing and sensing—it confirms where I’m going.

Can you share a little bit more about how you use eMarketer?

Svet: I use it for benchmarking, education and research. In many cases, we will repurpose the charts and use them in internal and external presentations. eMarketer puts information in lay terms and provides examples both written and pictorial that are very easy to grasp. I just love it.

Why is it important for everyone at AccuWeather to have access to eMarketer?

Svet: It’s important because our business is constantly evolving. In order to stay on top of the trends and understand where everyone is—our competitors and what other publishers are doing—it’s important that everybody have access to it. Having access to eMarketer information makes our people more informed decision-makers. We’re an entrepreneurial company and I think that by offering everyone access to all of this information, it can stimulate new ideas and innovation.

What makes you excited about your business these days?

Svet: Programmatic media actually. I started at AccuWeather as a consultant in January 2010 right about when programmatic was taking off. It was something that I took a risk on. Seeing programmatic grow to the level it is now is one of the things that makes me jazzed when I get up in the morning. I believe programmatic will make us more efficient and effective media buyers and sellers. I don’t think we have seen the full potential of what it can do for us yet in all media.

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Marie Svet

On eMarketer:

“In order to stay on top of the trends and understand where everyone is—our competitors and what other publishers are doing—it’s important that everybody have access to [eMarketer].”


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