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An Interview with Aaron Goldman

Chief Marketing Officer

Aaron Goldman is Chief Marketing Officer at 4C Insights, a data science and marketing technology company. Bridging TV, digital, social, and mobile, the 4C product suite helps marketers make multi-screen magic. Prior to 4C, Goldman was CMO at Kenshoo, a leading enterprise marketing software company, for nearly 5 years. Goldman is also the author of Everything I Know about Marketing I Learned from Google (McGraw-Hill 2010).

Can you talk a little about your role as CMO of 4C Insights?

Aaron Goldman: In my role as CMO at 4C Insights—which is a software company whose platform combines data science and marketing technology to help brands and advertising agencies do their jobs better—I lead a team of 15 people and oversee global marketing. That includes everything from branding and positioning to public relations and analyst relations, demand generation and product marketing, events, and any design or creative.

What are your business priorities over the next 12 months? 

Goldman: More broadly for the company, our priorities are centered around overall growth, current customer growth and finding ways to bring more value to our current clients. You know, getting adoption for new products and acquiring new clients as well.

And within the marketing domain, I’m looking to create more awareness of 4C globally. In newer, smaller markets where we’re still opening up, I’m driving new leads and increasing our client penetration.

What's the biggest challenge for you, your team or your business?

Goldman: One of our biggest challenges is standing out in a crowded marketplace.

My team does B2B [business-to-business] marketing, and we always keep in mind that the key opportunity influencers—the decision-makers—are consumers, too. It all stems from what's happening with general consumer behavior. Understanding the way in which they consume information, the way they look to conduct their B2B purchasing decisions, how they're going through their buying process, etc., has changed a lot over the past few years, and certainly over the past 10 to 20 years.

With all the different ways people are getting information, across hundreds of channels and thousands of vendors that have solutions for every buzzword, there’s a lot of noise. Breaking through the noise to get to the right people at a time when they are going to be receptive to our message, that’s what we’re striving for. That’s when they’re really going to be engaged in the decision-making and buying process.

It’s a combination of automation, personalization and timing; it's a delicate balance.

Another big challenge is market sizing, as we decide which markets to go into and figure out what our current adoption is and what our potential adoption could be.

How does eMarketer help you overcome these challenges?

Goldman: Our core customers are marketers, and eMarketer gives me a lot of insight into what's top of mind for marketers at any given time. My team uses that information in our messaging to say, “Hey, we know you’re struggling with A, B, C and D, and 4C has a solution for you.”

Can you tell me a little about how 4C’s relationship with eMarketer began?

Goldman: Of course. I've been using eMarketer for 20 or so years, and in my first role in sales, I was using eMarketer for a lot of the same reasons: market sizing, validating data, building presentations and things like that.

I took it with me from company to company. I went over to Kenshoo, which is another marketing technology company, licensed eMarketer there, and finally brought it over to 4C. It was a no-brainer. I've become so reliant on the information throughout my career that it's one of the first things I budgeted for at 4C.

How does eMarketer PRO compare to other resources?

Goldman: I’ll start by saying eMarketer is very comprehensive—there are very few topics or data points you might need that you won’t be able to find within eMarketer. Additionally, the search functionality has become a lot better. The navigation is clean. It’s easy to find what you're looking for in eMarketer PRO, and that's really important. I’ll also say that the visual display of research is well done. Nobody, especially me, wants to read a whole bunch of words. I like the visual charting components.

Tactically, there are a couple pieces of research and forecasting I always come back to, like the comparative estimates for ad spending. I like knowing which channels in which countries are getting certain budgets—that's really important. There’s also time spent with media. Those reports are really important to understand changing consumer behavior. Being able to look at time spent, where that's going and how that's changing helps me better understand the market and better market 4C.

Can you walk me though a specific use-case where eMarketer has helped you? 

Goldman: When it comes to yearly budgeting, I use eMarketer quite a bit. One example was trying to decide how much of our budget to put into certain channels in different countries. I was able to learn about key trends in the global digital media landscape from eMarketer, as well as understand what adoption rates for certain technologies looked like in various markets. This helped me prioritize my spending for the current year, and will inform my budget planning process in the future.

How do you make an internal case for eMarketer?

Goldman: Like any good marketer, we track everything we do. We have all of our content tagged by source of information, so we can tell if somebody downloads the content we publish, reads our blog or even visits our website. We can tell what collateral they’ve used from us, and if any of that is sourced from eMarketer, we’ll know it. At the end of the year, I can go to my CFO and say, “X amount of leads were influenced by eMarketer content, worth X dollars.” It’s a good ROI [return on investment] for our annual subscription.

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Aaron Goldman

On eMarketer:

“Our core customers are marketers, and eMarketer gives me a lot of insight into what's top of mind for marketers at any given time.”


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